Dancing 9 Season 2 Blue Team Homework

Additional note: 

Look under documents to find the charts students will have for the math quiz tomorrow. When renaming or converting units, use these mnemonic devices:

Small Brown Dog :  Small unit to Big unit Divide

Big Scary Monster:  Big unit to Small unit Multiply

Also, I posted the story for tomorrow's reading quiz (minus the questions). Students may read it tonight (optional)

Thursday, March 8th

Announcing our 4th Grade Lunch Bunch Book Club to begin in early April! We are reading The Swiss Family Robinson (Classic Starts Series) – Abridged, February 1, 2007 by Johann David Wyss (Author),‎ Chris Tait (Editor),‎ Jamel Akib(Illustrator),‎ Arthur Pober Ed.D (Afterword).  More details to follow!

Please return your blue Wednesday Folder tomorrow! 

No school on Monday due to Teacher Professional Development and DFE.

Remember our American Heritage Girl food drive for Food for Others. Bring individual sized Goldfish and microwavable Chef Boyarde. From February 14 to March 23, the American Heritage Girls will be collecting non-perishable foods for the Food For Others P3 initiative which sends local children who are at risk of going hungry home with food for the weekend

 See you at Fish Fry tomorrow!


Spelling~ pre-test and corrections

Math~Weight Worksheet; math quiz tomorrow on the Customary Units of measurement (length, capacity, and weight) Go to documents to see charts and capacity visual aid students will have for quiz.

Some students need to finish handwriting pages!

Wednesday, March 7th

Tomorrow is class picture day! Wear your regular uniform with P.E. shoes. 


Spelling~ ABC order

Math~finish capacity worksheet

Social studies~ graphing p. 49

Tuesday, March 6th

Tomorrow is Career Day! We will have six parents talk to us about their careers. Thank you for your time and interest. 

Band members please put your band instruments on your launch pad. Parents, please do not bring forgotten instruments to school. The announcements to come to the office to collect instruments are disruptive. 

Class Picture Day is Thursday. Look for the Wednesday Folder tomorrow. Progress Reports will go home on Friday.

Fourth grade is collecting snack size Goldfish and microwavable individual-sized portions of Chef Boyardee products such as Beef Ravioli. 

Father Oetjen visited our classroom today. We also had Science Lab and Library class today. Students practiced an emergency drill in Library class.


Spelling~2x each

Math~ finish worksheet (one side); show work on graph paper

Science~study today's lab (Lab 5) for a quiz tomorrow.

Monday, March 5th

We had our spelling quiz, reading quiz, and Chapter 7 Social Studies test today. The Spanish test will be on Wednesday. Most students got a green light today. 


Spelling~/sh/ can be spelled with si, ci, or ti. Sort your words into these 3 groups.

Math~wb p. 74 evens. Use graph paper to show your work.

Social Studies~ preview our new unit, The Founding of a new Nation, and especially Chapter 8, The Revolutinary War. Read/scan the timelines, titles, sidebars (with main ideas and vocabulary). Take a few minutes to look at the photos, captions, and maps. Read the Chapter 8 summaries at the end of the lessons. Do workbook p. 54 (vocab).

Thursday, March 1st

We will pray the Stations of the Cross tomorrow at church. I will be at Fish Fry tomorrow evening! 


Spelling~Pretest and corrections

Social Studies~ study for Ch 7 test by reading the Lesson Summaries, studying the vocabulary, and reading the study guide.

Math~ wb p. 75 finish; know 16 ounces = 1 pound; 2000 pounds = 1 ton

Spanish~study for test (wb p. 89-102)

Wednesday, February 28th

We practiced our lockdown drill today from the cafeteria and also from the playground into the gym. Wednesday Folders went home today.

Put your P.E. uniform on your lauch pad.


Spelling~ABC order 

Math~finish your bar graph of the Presidents' birthdays. We will use this tomorrow in computer lab.

Social Studies~fill in the blanks of your study guide for Chapter 7. Use your text and your lesson summaries. Test will be on Friday. 

Spanish~ study pages 89 to 102 in your workbook. Test on Friday.

We will get back to the bio essay next week.

Tuesday, February 27th

We went to Mass, Science Lab, and Library class today. 

Band members put your instruments on your launch pads.


Spelling~2x each (number the words)

Math~wb p. 73 evens

Science~Study guide/lab book for quiz on lessons 1-3

Religion~Study guide/wb for Ch 15 quiz

Monday, February 26th


Spelling~sort your word list by the final syllables: le, er, en, al, and ar

Math~finish worksheet using graph paper to show work; study flashcards if you haven't memorized 12 inches = 1 foot; 3 feet = 1 yard; 1760 yards = 1 mile; 5280 feet = 1 mile

Science~use lab book to complete study guide (front and back of first page)

Thursday, February 22nd

We had indoor today! We went to P.E. and Computer Lab. We also had a lockdown drill while in lab. 

Come to Fish Fry in Heller Hall tomorrow! Bishop Burbidge will be there before going to Stations of the Cross.


Spelling~ Pre-test and corrections

Math~wb p. 72 problems 1-9, 19; make and study flashcards if you haven't memorized 12 inches = 1 foot; 3 feet = 1 yard; 1760 yards = 1 mile; 5280 feet = 1 mile

Social Studies~ Read Ch 7 Lesson 3 and do wb p. 48

Wednesday, February 21st

Wear coats tomorrow! Put your P.E. uniform on your lauch pad.


Spelling~sort your contractions into these groups: contractions with not; contractions with is; contractions with are; contractions with have; and contractions with will or would. Only write the contraction and not the two words it stands for.

Social Studies~ We read and discussed Ch 7, Lesson 2. Complete workbook page 47 using your text. Some students did not complete workbook page 46. 

Math~ make flashcards if you haven't memorized 12 inches = 1 foot; 3 feet = 1 yard; 1760 yards = 1 mile; 5280 feet = 1 mile

Tuesday, February 20th

We went to Mass, Science Lab, and Library class today. 

We had Investigation 3 in lab today. Here is a summary:

Investigation 3: Environmental Changes Through experimentation, students explore the impact of environmental changes on primary food supply in an ecosystem. Through analysis of experimental data, they discover that changes in food supply directly affects animal consumers and that consumers are in competition with each other to survive in a changing ecosystem. They also are introduced to the concept of extinction and the fossil record.

In our model, we had four birds in with different beaks in competition for two types of food. Ask your child to explain the types of beaks and how it affected the birds. Ask what happened as a result.

Check out the BrainPop video links related to our current science unit: Ecosystems and Adaptations


Spelling~ contractions. Write each contraction and the two words it stands for. Example: don't = do not. Write neatly. Parents, please check last week's homework grade in the spelling copybook. The spelling list is posted under documents.

Math~We are beginning Chapter 6, Measurement. Complete wb p. 71 and a short worksheet.

Bio Essay~ Finish your draft of paragraph 3 for tomorrow. We are shooting for paragraph 4 on Friday and paragraph 5 on Tuesday.  Then we will revise, edit, and publish.

Check out the BrainPop video links related to our current science unit: Ecosystems and Adaptations

Friday, February 16th

Thank you for coming to our Biography Bottle Book Fair! The draft of paragraph 3 is due Wednesday. Please get a Reflex green light this weekend.

Thursday, February 15th

Please join us tomorrow at our Biography Bottle Book Fair from 10 a.m. to 11 a.m. 

We dismiss at 11:30 a.m. tomorrow. Pack a snack for the morning. Students may wear Spirit Wear tomorrow. No shorts allowed.

If you are attending the 2nd grade meeting tonight, you are excused from homework you are not able to complete.


Spelling~Pre-test and corrections in cb

Math~organized data in chart for bar graph (do not make the bar graph)

Social Studies~We have listened to and discussed Ch 7 Lesson 1. Most students have read the entire chapter. Students also have their Ch 7 Lesson Summaries which also define the vocabulary. Do wb p. 46 (Circle the correct answer to complete the sentence).

Bio Project~ Tomorrow your draft of paragraph 2 is due. Next Wednesday, your draft of paragraph 3 is due.

Wednesday, February 14th

We attended Ash Wednesday Mass today. 

Put your P.E. uniform on your launch pad.


Spelling~ write 6 strong sentences using these words: man's, men's, teacher's, teachers', laboratory's, and laboratories'.

Math~continue studying for Chapter 5 division test by reviewing workbook pages 59, 64, 66-69. Use the handout to check if you understand each type of problem. The key is on the back. Most students received a green light in Reflex.

Biography Project~ the bottle is due tomorrow; draft of paragraph 2 is due Friday. Paragraph 3 will be due next Wednesday.

Tuesday, February 13th

We had Library class and Science Lab today. Students created models of a wetland and a forest. They performed experiments to learn about the concept of adaptation to an ecosystem. They discovered that certain types of stuctures are more suited for one ecosystem than another. Plants and animals living in specific ecosystems may have similar structural adaptations for their survival.  

Father Cozzi visited us today. We had a wonderful Valentine's Party. Thank you for sending the snacks! The children had so much creating Valentine Bags and exchanging Valentines. 

Tomorrow is the first day of the season of Lent. We will attend Ash Wednesday Mass. Please do not use any dress down passes tomorrow. 

If you are a band member, put your instrument on your launch pad. 

Look for your Wednesday folders tomorrow. 


Math~ prepare for Chapter 5 Division math (Thursday) test by reviewing concepts on workbook pages 53-57. Look at the examples in the gray boxes at the top of the workbook pages. At the bottom of the workbook pages, it list the coordinating pages in the math text. Students should have taken home their math text books. Do word problems 1, 3, and 5 on wb p. 69. Use graph paper.

Spelling~ write 6 strong sentences using these words: family's, families', girl's, girls', country's, countries'.

Biography Essay and Project~ Biography Presentation Note Card is due tomorrow. Answer these questions:

  • What is an interesting fact you learned about your subject?
  • What is your person most remembered for?
  • What character traits does your subject demonstrate?
  • What is your favorite adjective to describe your subject?
  • What question would you ask your subject if you could meet him or her?
  • Why did you choose this person to read and write about?

The bottle is due Thursday. The draft of paragraph 2 is due on Friday.

Monday, February 12th

Bring your Valentine's tomorrow. We are expecting a visit from Father Cozzi in the afternoon. 


Spelling~sort (set up and explained in class)

Math~ use graph paper to complete 4 problems. Wb p. 67 #7, 9 and Wb p. 68 #3, 9.

Social Studies~ Chapter 6 test tomorrow. Study your guide and lesson summaries (handout)

Biography Essay~ draft of Paragraph 1 is due tomorrow. Answer these questions:

Friday, February 9th

Please note I have emailed parents with very important infomation for next week. Please check your email.

Want to help with Colonial Day but missed the meeting? Contact our chairs: Kate Clukey at kate_clukey@hotmail.com or Debbie Latessa at debra.latessa@gmail.com

Our Valentine's Exchange is on Tuesday. Here is the list:

Here is our class list for the exchange:



Ryan B.













Ryan L.











Please get a green light on Reflex this weekend. We got one in class today.

We completed the study guide for Social Studies for Chapter 6. The test is on Tuesday. I will post it later under documents.

We worked on our Biography essays today. Students should be finished finding text evidence to support the 3 reasons for their thesis statements. The draft of the first paragraph is due on Tuesday. Students know to use the graphic organizer to complete the first paragraph and then copy it onto the draft paper in the back of the binder. Each student has two examples of finished 5 paragraph essays. Please contact me if you have questions. The essay is not due next week. The draft of paragraph 1 is due on Tuesday. The draft of paragraph 2 is due on Friday.

The Biography Bottle is due on Thursday. Our fair is on Friday and all are invited to come and see what we have learned.

Thursday, February 8th

Please come to the Parent Colonial Day Meeting at 7:30 p.m. tonight in the Music Room! 


Spelling~Pre-test and corrections; quiz tomorrow

Math~get a green light on Reflex

Wednesday, February 7th

Tomorrow is Club Photo Day! Students must wear their regular uniforms with gym shoes. Students may wear their club clothing over their school uniform.

Tomorrow evening is our Parent Colonial Day Meeting at 7:30 p.m.! Come to learn about the best day of the year!



Math~wb p. 65 # 2, 7, and 9. Write neatly! Check with multiplication.

Social Studies~Using the textbook, answer questions 1 and 2 on wb p. 42. Study Chapter 6.

Update on Biography Project: We are beginning to draft introductory paragraphs. 

Tuesday, February 6th

We dismiss at 11:30 a.m. tomorrow unless we have a delay. In that case, we will have a full day of school. Remember to bring your lunch if we have a delay.

Band members put your instruments on your launch pad.

Students must have their biography books in school every day.


Spelling~ABC order

Math~Get a green light on Reflex; wb p. 64 7, 8, 14; use graph paper and multiply to check your work

Science~study guide and lab book for Energy Unit test tomorrow

Monday, February 5th

Please remember to use Reflex at least 3 times a week! Students must have their biography books in school every day. We are working on finding the evidence for reason #1. This is page 2 in the bio binder. I will let you know when the first paragraph is due. 

Parents: Report cards went home in the Blue Wednesday Folders. There is no envelope to sign. Please sign the card at the bottom and return it so I know you saw it. I will send it home again in the Wednesday Folder so you don't need to make a copy. Parents please check your child's Spelling Copybook homework grade each week. Some students are not completing homework or are not writing neatly. This is part of their handwriting grade.


Spelling~2x each for all words.  

Math~ only 3 problems! They should written very neatly on the graph paper. Check each problem with multiplication and re-work if it does not check.

Science~ I moved the test to Wednesday. Please use the guide along with your lab book.

Vocabulary~ Practice test to help you study for tomorrow's Unit 8 test

Friday, February 2nd

We had a great Spirit Day at St. James! Get your green light on Reflex this weekend.

Looking ahead: Bottles for Bio Project are due on February 15th. We will exchange Valentines on February 13th. We have written our thesis statements and three supporting reasons. We will be looking for supporting evidence in our biography books for each reason starting Monday.

On Tuesday, we will have our Energy Unit Science Test. We had a review Jeopardy game last Tuesday. Students have a study guide. On Wednesday, we will have our Unit 8 Vocabulary Test. 

Thursday, February 1st

Tomorrow is Spirit Day! Wear a red shirt and jeans or sweats. Bring a morning snack that we will eat before we go to the gym. The students will have pizza, chips, and water for lunch. They may bring anything more they want to eat. We will eat in our classroom. There will not be milk or snacks to buy. We dismiss at 1 p.m. There will be daycare.


Math~ work for 20 minutes on wb p. 63 1-9. No estimation. CHECK with multliplication. Use graph paper.

Spelling~ pre-test and corrections

Vocab~ worksheet; quiz next Tuesday

Bio Project~ we worked on writing out thesis statements with 3 supporting reasons. Please check your child's binder page 1. It is due tomorrow.

Wednesday, January 31st

Tomrrow wear your favorite team shirt (or team color) or Spirit Wear top tomorrow. Wear your P.E. shorts, sweatpants, and gym shoes. We will have P.E. first period tomorrow.

Note: On Friday students will receive pizza (not hot dogs), chips, and water. Please supplement how you wish. Bring a healthy morning snack to eat before the Spirit Day game kicks off after 9 a.m. 


Math~ use graph paper to do problems 10-15 on page 63. Check with multiplication. No need to estimate.

Spelling~ ABC order for all words; quiz on the ten highlighted words Friday morning

Vocabulary~workbook p. 85 (test Tuesday)

Religion~ Ch 14 quiz tomorrow. Study your guide and workbook.

Tuesday, January 30th

No band tomorrow! It is Color Charity Day tomorrow. Wear a red shirt or sweatshirt with jeans or sweatpants. A few students will continue with Scanton tomorrow.


Spelling~sort words by ow and ou vowel sound

Math~wb p. 62 3-6; use graph paper and check with multiplication (no estimation)

Vocab~wb p. 84

Just posted this week's spelling words under documents.

Monday, January 29th

Half our class received dress down passes today for attending church in uniform last weekend! Please do not use the passes tomorrow because it is our Open House.

Father Cozzi gave a beautiful homily today at our Catholic Schools Week Mass.

Some students are finishing the math portion of the Scantron testing. It will continue tomorrow.


Spelling ~ 2 x each (all words). Note that the highlighted words are the words that will be tested on Friday morning.

Math~ wb p. 61 odds; do not estimate but CHECK your work with multplication. Work for 20 minutes. Please be sure to do the word problem #17. 

Vocabulary~ wb p. 83

Grammar Worksheet ~odds front and back 


Thursday, January 25th

Save the date for the best day at Saint James! Colonial Day is Friday, May 4th!  Our kick-off Parent Meeting is Thursday, February 8th at 7:30 p.m. in the Music Room. We are hoping for 100% participation to make this year's Colonial Day a success. The goal of the meeting is to give an overview of Colonial Day and to allow parents to sign-up for an activity station to work on the big day. There is something for everyone and each activity will need a chairperson and volunteers. No experts required! The chairperson will receive their activity box with instructions and materials. Here is a list of activities we will have:






Candle Making

Corn Husk Dolls

Cross Stitch

Colonial Dancing

Leather Tooling

Paper Making


Soap Carving


 Colonial Games




Town Cryer

Costume Loan Coordinator (prior to the day)


Contact the Colonial Day Chairs  now if you already know where you want to volunteer!

Kate Clukey (kateclukey@gmail.com) and Debbie Latessa (debra.latessa@gmail.com)



Writing~ fill in your Bio Poem organizer so we can revise and edit tomorrow


Math~ wb p. 60 odds; don't estimate but remember to check with multiplication and use graph paper


Spelling~Pre-test and corrections


Vocab~we are beginning Unit 8 wb p. 82 


Remember next week is Catholic Schools' Week! We have an all-school Mass on Monday. On Wednesday, wear a red t-shirt with jeans or sweats. This is Charity Color Day and 4th grade is supporting the Red Cross. Thursday is Students' Day! Wear your favorite team or Spirit Wear top or sweatshirt with your P.E. shorts and sweatpants (since we have P.E.). On Friday we will cheer for the RED eighth grade basketball teams so wear a red shirt! We will have lunch in our classrooms and a 1:00 dismissal.

Wednesday, January 24th

We had music and Spanish today. Wednesday Folders went home. Put your P.E. uniforms on your launch pads. 

Wear a coat tomorrow!


Math~divisibilty rules wb p. 59 all (see cb for rules). Most students got a green light today. Remember you need 3 a week to make progress on your fact fluency.

Grammar~ study verbs p. 67 to 87

Spelling~ write 6 sentences one of these homophones in each sentence: break, brake, piece, peace, threw, through. This is not a paragraph. The sentences do not need to go together

Bio Project~you should have finished your biography and the reading worksheets by today

Tuesday, January 23rd

Father Oetjen visited us today. We had science lab and library class.

Band members put your instruments on your launch pad. Registration forms are due this week.


Math~wb p. 55 evens

Spelling~ ABC order; you should know the meaning of each homophone (break, brake; piece, peace; principle, principal, etc.). Words are posted under documents.

Reading Vocabulary~list is posted under documents; know definitions for Friday's quiz. The words are used in our story, Adelina's Whales. Some students are having trouble with lagoon and bluff (noun).

Bio Project~finish reading your biography and the worksheets (do not complete the last page on thesis statements). Bio Bottles are due on February 15th.

Religion~ Unit 3 test tomorrow open book. Study guides 10, 11, and 12. Study those chapters in your workbook, too.

Monday, January 22nd

We went to confession today. We also had Spanish and Art classes.

Tomorrow we will take Scantron testing in the morning. Please get lots of sleep and eat a great breakfast. 


Math~wb p. 56 odds (work for 20 minutes)

Spelling~2x each neatly in cursive (started in class)

Biography Project~ Finish reading your biography and complete worksheets by Wednesday

Religion~read study guides for Chapters 10, 11, and 12. Unit test Wednesday.

I thought you might be interested: From January 22nd-February 4th Mount Vernon has half-priced admission. During that period, the mansion is closed for preservation work, but there is so much more to see including the recently renovated Revolutionay War Theater. Here is a link:


Friday, January 19th

We will go to Confession on Monday morning.

We had a lesson from Ms. Figueroa our guidance counselor this morning.  

All students got a green light today on Reflex. Get one more this weekend. 

Please read your biographies and complete your reading worksheets. They are posted under documents. Biographies should be finished by Wednesday, January 24th.

We will have a Valentine exchange and party a day early on Tuesday, February 13th. (Ash Wednesday is on Valentine's Day.) We have 26 students. I know Valentines often have candy attached. That's okay, but NO peanut products. The rule is students who bring Valentines to exchange must have a Valentine for every classmate.

Here is our class list for the exchange:



Ryan B.













Ryan L.











Note: if any student forgot his or her Social Studies text or workbook or the vocabulary worksheet, I have scanned them. You'll find them in documents. I have also placed the Bio Project description and reading worksheets there.

Thursday, January 18th

I have re-scheduled Scantron testing for Tuesday morning. Please read your biography and work on the reading worksheets. Some students are finished with their books and worksheets.  


Math~finish wb p 58 using the graph paper. CHECK your work with multiplication. Some students still need to get a green light on Reflex today.

Vocab~worksheet and study for Unit 7 quiz

Grammar~future tense wb p. 78-79. This won't take very long!

Social Studies~ Read Ch 6 Lesson 1 and complete wb p. 41

Bio Project~ Read your book and work on reading worksheets in your pocket folders.

Wednesday, January 17th

Due to the delay, we did not have music or band. We worked on defining what a thesis statement is for the biography paper. We took an introductory paragraph from a paper about Martin Luther King, Jr. and identified the thesis statement and its three supporting reasons. Then we color-coded the paragraph into these parts: Attention grabber; background information; thesis; reasons; and conclusion. We will do this again for practice. Soon students will be writing their own thesis statments based on their biographies. Many students are finished with their books. Students should read their biographies every day.

After we attend a portion of the National Geographic Bee tomorrow morning, we will eat a snack and do another round of Scantron testing. Please get a good night's sleep and eat a great breakfast. Bring an extra healthy snack to eat before testing. 


Math~wb p. 58, evens. Use graph paper and check each problem with multiplication before moving on to the next problem. Work for twenty minutes only. Get a green light in Reflex. Some students were able to get it at school. This can take as little as 10 minutes or up to 30. I have noticed the class average time to get the green light is getting lower.

Vocabulary~ finish page 74 and do the multiple choice questions on page 75. We will have a quiz on Friday on Unit 7.

Grammar~Future tense wb p. 76 and 77

Biography Project~ read your biography remembering to write key details down on your worksheets.

Friday, January 12th

We had Spanish today.

There is no school on Monday for the Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday. There is no school on Tuesday for teacher professional development.

This weekend please read your biography and fill in the reading worksheets as you read. I will post them under documents tomorrow.  Also work for green lights on Reflex. We are the case study for the school! 

We will finish our class bee when we are back to school on Wednesday. The school National Geography Bee is Thursday morning. Our next Scantron test will also be on Thursday. 

We will have a Vocabulary Unit 7 test on Friday. There will not be a spelling quiz. 

Our next confession will be Monday, January 22nd. We will have a Valentine exchange and party a day early on Tuesday, February 13th. (Ash Wednesday is on Valentine's Day.) We have 26 students. I know Valentines often have candy attached. That's okay, but NO peanut products. The rule is students who bring Valentines to exchange must have a Valentine for every classmate.

Here is our class list for the exchange:



Ryan B.













Ryan L.











Thursday, January 11th

We had another great day! Mrs. Shumate asked if we would come for art today since we missed it Monday. Ask your child to tell you about using salt in art class.

We also had compuber class and P.E. It's good to be getting back into our routine.

Please plan on reading some of your biography this weekend. 


Math~ worksheet; multiply to check. Work for 20 minutes only on this worksheet. 

Handwriting~ if you didn't finish p. 50 do it tonight. Please make sure you are crossing your t after you finish writing the word! The t is crossed above the mid-line.

Spelling~ pre-test with corrections in cb

Vocabulary~ wb p. 73

Grammar~ contractions wb pages 104-106

Wednesday, January 10th

We had short classes of Music and Spanish today. There will not be Scantron testing tomorrow.


Math~ wb p. 57 all; this is estimation. Remember to write "about." Be careful where you put your quoitient. Neatness is very important.

Spelling~ wb p. 389

Vocabulary~ wb p. 72

Grammar~wb p. 72 and 73

Biography Project~ students who have had their book approved may begin reading. They are using the reading worksheets to record key details, make a timeline, and find evidence of character traits.


Tuesday, January 9th

We went to Mass this morning. We worked on our Scantron Reading test. Our recess was indoors. We also had science lab and library class.

Tomorrow we dismiss at 11:30 a.m. Teachers and staff will be working on DFE for the remainder of the day.


Spelling~ABC order

Vocab~we began Unit 7. Read all about the new words. Write the words. wb p. 70-71

Handwriting~ wb pages 27, 31, 31, and 35 should be completed. Do one page at home if not completed. 

Monday, January 8th

* Please read the Key Facts on the Norovirus under documents.

Tomorrow we have Scantron testing after Mass. Please get a good night's rest and eat a strong breakfast. Bring an extra snack for the morning.

We have completed two rounds of our class National Geography Bee. We need a representative for the St. James bee.


Math~ if you didn't get your Reflex green light, get one this afternoon. Wb p. 53, all.

Spelling~ two times each. Spelling words are posted under documents.

Grammar~review sheet on types of sentences

Handwriting~ wb p. 27, 31, 32. Do one page if you haven't completed these pages in class.

Bio Project~ A few students still need a parent's signature on this new project. If you don't have a book yet, come prepared tomorrow with a few names for library class. If I have given approval and signed your paper, you may begin reading. Those students with my approval have reading worksheets to work on as they read.

* Please read the Key Facts on the Norovirus under documents.


Friday, January 4th

Today I assigned a new project! Students need to get mom or dad to sign the assignment by Monday. Students need to begin looking for an appropriate biography this weekend. Find the book by Friday, January 12th. I posted the assignment under documents.

The new spelling list is posted under documents.

Get a green light on Reflex this weekend! If you don't get the green light, the day does not count for one of your required three days a week. This is a minimum.  

Wednesday, January 3rd

We had a few sleepy kids today! 

If it snows, Sister Mary Sue asked me to remind you that we follow Falls Church City.


Math~ wb p. 54 all

Grammar~ worksheet 

Social Studies~ read Ch 5 Lesson 4 and complete wb p. 35 questions 1 and 2

Wednesday, December 20th

I hope you have a very Merry Christmas! Relax and enjoy your family time. 

Students may work toward math fact fluency on Reflex (optional). It is imperative that students do not share their account with friends or siblings in order to for the data to help instruction.

Tuesday, December 19th

Note: Check out the links I have added! Yesterday we talked about how Ben Franklin didn't patent his inventions because he wanted people to feel free to use them. See the link for kids to the United States Patent and Trademark Office on what it means to "patent" and more! There are very good links to help with understanding our energy unit in science.

We went to Mass, Library class, and had science lab today. 

Wednesday folders will go home tomorrow so be sure to look for them!

No Band tomorrow. Tomorrow is a red and green dress down day!

In Science Lab we investigated electricity and energy. We:
1. created a simple circuit from a battery, wire, and a light bulb.
2. created a series circuit from a battery, wire, and two light bulbs.
3. created a parallel circuit from a battery, wire, and two light bulbs.
4. explored the differences and similarities between simple, parallel and
series circuits and a flashlight circuit.

Through these experiments, we concluded that:
1. electrical energy is a form of kinetic energy.
2. a battery is a form of chemical potential energy that can be used to
generate an electrical current.
3. a circuit must be complete (closed) for electrical energy to be converted from
chemical potential energy.
4. electrical energy can be transformed into light energy and heat by a light


Religion~study for Chapter 12 quiz using your study guide and workbook. We did the online quiz in class.

Math~complete the Christmas graph packet.

Monday, December 18th

Blue folders went home today. Please read the pink letter for exciting news about the grant for our class!


Religion~ Quiz on Ch 12 on Wednesday. Read your study guide and take the online quiz if you have time.

Math~Complete two pages of the Christmas Graph Packet. Packet due Wednesday. We did one page today. Show work where you can.

Science/Reading~Read and answer questions about Ben Franklin. Refer to the handout on non-fiction text features. We will have our lab on electricity tomorrow. We watched a BrainPop on Ben Franklin today.

Thursday, December 14th

We really enjoyed the 7th grade play, A Christmas Carol. 

If you like, bring fun Christmas hats and/or wear Christmas socks with your regular uniform tomorrow. 

We will have lunch food at our party! Thank you! 


Vocabulary~ take practice quiz and study Unit 6 for quiz tomorrow morning

Religion~ use your Religion book as a reference to work on the third Commandment flipbook page

Social Studies~ Read Chapter 5, Lesson 3

Wednesday, December 13th

We had a busy morning wrapping our shoeboxes, going to band lessons, practicing for our sing-along,and preparing other Christmas surprises. 

Put your P.E. uniform on your launch pads. On Friday, students should wear regular unlforms but may wear holiday socks and bring Christmas hats for the concert. Parents, of course, may sign out their children after the concert. 


Vocab worksheet; quiz on Unit 6 on Friday

Moby Max 20 minutes

Read your chapter book

Tuesday, December 12th

We are at ten marbles again!

Father Posey said our mass this morning as we celebrated the Feast of Our Lady Guadalupe. 

We had science lab. It was the second lab of our energy unit. We investigated sound energy.Here is a summary of what we did and learned: 

1. placed an activated tuning fork in water to observe how sound energy
moves through liquids.
2. plucked a rubber band with varying amounts of force to observe how
amplitude affects volume.
3. placed an activated tuning fork against a ping-pong ball suspended on a
string to observe how sound moves through objects.
4. held an activated tuning fork over pepper to observe how sound energy
can move air.
5. tapped a pencil against beakers containing different amounts of water to
explore the pitch of sound.

Through these experiments, you concluded that:
1. sound energy travels through solids, liquids and gases as vibrations.
2. sound energy takes the form of a wave.
3. increasing the amplitude of a sound wave increases the volume of the
4. increasing the frequency of a sound wave increases the pitch of the sound.

Tomorrow we dismiss at 11:30. Please bring a morning snack. Band members put your instruments on your launch pads.


Science~ worksheet taped into science lab where you will identify if something has potential or kinetic energy. (Posted under documents)

Vocabulary~ wb p. 62

Social Studies~ wb p. 33. This page has five terms to explain AND tell how it relates to changes and growth in the Virginia colony. Write in complete sentences. We did the first one together. The page is posted under documents. Answer to number 1: John Rolfe grew a new kind of tobacco. He decided to send some of it to England. It was a great success.

Monday, December 11th 

We continue to work on our Advent Service Project in this second week of Advent. We will be wrapping the boxes tomorrow.

No spelling homework this week. 


Use the paper I gave you and make an Advent card for the 4th grader who will receive the shoebox. Parents please read to check appropriateness and sensitivity.

Vocabulary~ wb p. 61

Reading~ we have been working on reading graphic sources (timelines, almanac, weather table). If you have not finished the work in class, spend 20 minutes working on any pages you didn't complete: Blue book page 178, 186, 160-161.

Social Studies~wb p. 31 This vocabulary is important to understand before we read the next lesson. We discussed them in class and highlighted the vocab in our lesson summaries for Chapter 5. It is also posted under documents.

Friday, December 8th

Our Feast of the Immaculate Conception was beautiful today. 

This weekend spend 20 minutes on Moby Max Fact Fluency. 

Thursday, December 7th

Many thanks to our wonderful chaperones for making our Advent Retreat to the National Gallery of Art a success!

Remember to bring items for our Chritsmas Project. You don't need to bring in a full box. Bring what you can: extra shoeboxes, balls, socks, school supplies, small toys, toothbrushes,hats, mittens, coloring books, gently used books etc. I love what we can accomplish when we work together!

Tomorrow we dismiss at 11:30. There WILL be aftercare.


Spelling~pre-test and corrections

Math~Finish wb p. 21; use graph paper (see documents if you need to print it)

Social Studies~ wb p. 32 (Ch 5 Lesson 1)

Vocabulary~p.60; don't forget the vocab link to definitions, games, etc.

Wednesday, December 6th

Congratulations band members on your concerts yesterday!

Wednesday folders went home today.

Our field trip is tomorrow! Students should wear their regular uniform and shoes. We will not have P.E. tomorrow. Students should bring a morning and afternoon snack. Do not use dress down passes tomorrow. Students do not need money for this trip. We will not have time to go to a gift store. We expect to return to school by 1:30 p.m. 

If you can, please contribute to our Christmas Project. Bring anything you can to put in the boxes: jump rope, little balls, Playdough, coloring books, pencils, stickers, etc. You do not need to fill a whole box. We need boxes, too! Our classroom goal is 21 boxes. See the flyer in the Wednesday Folders. Thank you!


Math~study workbook pages 37, 38, and 47 (multiplication properties, models, and estimating). I  posted the workbook answers to those pages under documents. Do word problems 4 and 6 on wb p. 51. Show your work on graph paper. (Graph paper link under documents). I posted the answers to word problems 4 and 6 under documents. We will have a multiplication test in the morning.

Spelling~ABC order

Social Studies~workbook page 32 (due by Friday)

Vocabulary~ we are beginning Unit 6. We have listened to the story and discussed the 12 words. Read the definitions and write the new words on pages 58 and 59. The link to the story and word definitions are under documents. 

Monday, December 4th

The band concert is tomorrow! Band students perform at school (2 p.m.) and in the evening at 7 p.m. Put your instruments and music on your launch pads! I know you have worked hard and we are all looking forward to the concert.

There will be no homework tomorrow due to the concert. However, if you have the time tomorrow, please do 20 minutes of Moby Max Fact Fluency.

Please remember to look for shoe boxes for our Christmas Project. We are helping a 4th grade in a Catholic mission school. To fill the boxes, we need school supplies, soap, toothbrushes, socks, mittens, small new toys, and gently used books. We only have until December 12th to complete this project. One of our teachers will drive the boxes to Philadelphia. 


Spelling~Sort words into four groups: -ed (no change to base word); -ed (change base word); -ing (no change to base word); ing (change to base word). Examples of no changes to the base words include watched and watching. Examples of changes to the base words include: slippeddancing, and dried. The spelling word list  and the new reading vocabulary list is under documents.

Math~ workbook p. 50 problems 18-23 on graph paper. There is a link to graph paper you can print under documents.

Social Studies~ Chapter 4 test tomorrow. Prepare by studying the guide and lesson summaries. Practice your paragraph (attached to guide). You can practice this orally. I am not expecting you to write it out. On tomorrow's test, be sure to indent the paragraph, restate the question, use transition words like first, second, also, in conclusion. The study guide answers are posted under documents. I also included page 115 from the text that has the information needed for the paragraph. The chapter lesson summaries are also posted. :)

Religion~Chapter 11 quiz. To prepare study the guide and workbook. You can also use the link and take the online quiz.

Note: math test on multiplication later this week. We are beginning our Energy Unit in science. Please take time to view the BrainPop and Study Jam videos under links. I showed them in school but they go quickly and merit a second and even third viewing! I have also assigned work on Moby Max in the Science library. We will have time to do that at school. 

Field trip to the National Gallery of Art is Thursday. Wear your regular uniform and shoes. 

We have Mass and early dismissal on Friday.

Friday, December 1st

Please work on Moby Max for 20 minutes this weekend! I will be checking and sending you high fives if you do!

Some students took home handwriting books to catch up.

Advent begins on Suncay.

Remember to bring shoe boxes and the items listed below for our Christmas Project if you can. Our goal is 21 boxes for a 4th grade in Philadelphia who needs us!

Thursday, November 30th

We have started our Christmas Service Project!  I love how the children learn that we can accomplish big goals when we work together. Our class goal is to help a needy 4th grade (21 students) in a Philadelphia school. Please bring a shoebox if you have one at home. We hope to collect some these suggested items for the boxes:

Wednesday, November 29th

Put your P.E. uniform on your launch pad. Book It reading logs are due Friday. 

Wednesday folders went home today. Tomorrow is the last day for the book fair.


Spelling~2x each

Math wb p. 49 1-5 on graph paper

Science~ read passage and complete worksheet. Write in complete sentences (restating part of the question) and underline where you found your answers (using the color indicated).  Students have a study guide to use for Friday's test. (Passage and worksheet are posted under documents)

Tuesday, November 28th

Our class received a very nice compliment at Mass today. We had an excellent review of our Chemistry Unit today in lab with a Jeopardy game. We also went to the book fair during our library class.

Put your band instruments on your launch pads. The concerts are on December 5th.

Parents, please check your child's math homework. 


Spelling~ABC order

Math~some students need to re-do some of the 4 math problems assigned last night. Tonight's homework is wb p. 49 16-22. Use graph paper and write neatly. 

Social studies~ Some students need to finish wb p. 27. Read pages 112-115.

Handwriting~ do one page if not finished with these pages 24, 74-76, 26)

Monday, November 27th

Note: I just added more BrainPop and Study Jam links on ph, acids, bases, mixtures, chemical and pysical changes. We have seen them in school.

We went to confessions today. Tomorrow we visit our book fair during our library class.


Spelling~Sort your words 4 ways: ur; our; ear; ir (you can find spelling words under documents)

Math~wb p. 48 problems 19-22 neatly on graph paper; label word problems 

Handwriting~ one page if you haven't finished in school (p. 24, 74, 75, 76, 26)

Science~ worksheet; read the passage and answer the questions. Restate the questions in your answer. Underline where you found your answers in the passage. Underline 1 in red; 2 in green; 3 in orange; 4 in blue; 5 in yellow. Students took home their zipper bags if they don't have crayons or colored pencils at home. (You can find this under documents)

Note: new weekly reading vocabulary words/definitions are posted under documents.

Tuesday, November 21st

We had our last lab in Chemistry today. It was a mystery lab where students used what they have learned to solve the identity of an unknown solid and an unknown liquid.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family!

Monday, November 20th

Tomorrow is the last day to bring dried pasta for the Thanksgiving Drive.

We will have our prayer service at 2 p.m.

Science lab will be tomorrow morning.


Religion~Ch 10 quiz

Math~Thanksgiving graph packet due

Vocabulary~ worksheet and Unit 5 quiz tomorrow

Friday, November 17th

Be sure to ask your child about his or her experience in the Rocket Lab today!

Looking ahead: 

Religion Ch 10 test on Tuesday. Know; the First commandment; the 4 kinds of prayer (praise, sorrow, thanks, petition); and know when we pray, we lift up our minds and hearts to God.

Vocabulary Unit 5 test on Tuesday.

Thanksgiving Graphs due Tuesday (Graphs are under documments if needed)

Our Thanksgiving Prayer Service will be Tuesday, November 21 at 2:00PM. Choir Red will sing.

Thursday, November 16th

Tomorrow afternoon, our class will go to the rocket lab in small groups.

Our Thanksgiving Prayer Service will be Tuesday, November 21 at 2:00PM. Choir Red will sing.


Spelling~Pre-test and corrections; quiz tomorrow

Math~ wb p. 86 4-7; Thanksgiving graph packet due Tuesday  

Vocabulary~ wb p. 52; quiz next week

Social Studies~wb p. 26; Use your new lesson summary and text to answer questions on 4 new social studies vocab words

Wednesday, November 15th


Spelling~ABC order

Math~wb p. 85 (don't do median question #5); p. 48 11-15 (neatly on graph paper). We have been working on graphing in class. Students have a notetaker in their pocket folders.

·School supplies-pencils, crayons, markers, etc.


·Toiletries-toothbrushes, toothpaste, soap


·Fun stuff-small toys (new only please), small stuffed animals, coloring books, playing cards, etc.


·Other items- books (new or gently used), hair bands/clips, socks, gloves, etc.


What NOT to bring-food, gift cards, electronics, broken/damaged items


December 7th Field trip info: students must wear their regular school uniform with sweaters. We will not be going to the gift store so no money is needed. Chaperones will receive emails soon!



Spelling~Pre-test and corrections

Math~worksheet (do as many as you can in 20 minutes)

Science~study for Chemistry Test

Handwriting~ do one page if you haven't completed 23, 24, 26, 74-76


Next week: Chapter 11 Religion quiz; Multliplication Ch 4 Math test; Social Studies Ch 4 Test


Welcome back to Tune In: our weekly newsletter offering a guide to the best of the week’s TV.

Each week, Variety’s TV team combs through the week’s schedule, selecting our picks of what to watch and when/how to watch them. This week, “Waco” debuts on the newly-launched Paramount Network and “One Day at a Time” returns for its second season on Netflix.

“Mosaic,” HBO, Monday, 8 p.m.

This six-part limited series from Steven Soderbergh explores the psychological underpinnings of love and murder in a small town. Sharon Stone stars, along with an ensemble cast that includes Garrett Hedlund, Frederick Weller, Jennifer Ferrin, Beau Bridges, Paul Reubens, Devin Ratray, and James Ransone.

“Let’s Get Physical,” Pop, Wednesday, 8:30 p.m.

This new 1980s set comedy revolves around middle-aged slacker Joe Force (Matt Jones), who makes a reluctant comeback in the fitness industry after his dad, the “Godfather of Aerobics,” unexpectedly passes away and wills Joe the broke-down family gym with eccentric provisions attached to get his actual fortune and estate.

“Waco,” Paramount Network, Wednesday, 10 p.m. (CRITICS’ PICK)


As the first scripted offering on the new Paramount Network (which replaces Spike TV), “Waco” is a bit more plodding than a drama about an apocalyptic cult should be. That said, the limited series painstakingly lays out the progression of the tragic saga at the bloody Branch Davidian compound. Koresh and his motivations are, in the main, treated quite respectfully, and Taylor Kitsch — who first came to prominence in “Friday Night Lights” and is back in Texas as another charismatic rule-breaker — gives Koresh a sincere and well-modulated intensity. Michael Shannon and Shea Whigham play two FBI agents with very different approaches to standoffs, and Julia Garner, Melissa Benoist and Andrea Riseborough fill out the cast.

“One Day at a Time,” Netflix, Friday

The reboot of the classic sitcom returns for its second season. It centers on a recently separated, former military mom (Justina Machado) navigating a new single life while raising her radical teenaged daughter (Isabella Gomez) and socially adept tween son (Marcel Ruiz), with the “help” of her old school Cuban-born mom (Rita Moreno) and a friends- without-benefits building manager named Schneider (Todd Grinnell).

“Hot Streets,” Adult Swim, Sunday, 12 a.m.

The new Adult Swim quarter hour series returns with two new episodes this week. From the creators of “Robot Chicken” and “Rick and Morty,” the new animated series centers around FBI Agent Mark Branski, his partner, his niece, and her dog, who investigate supernatural phenomena.


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