Btec Public Services Level 3 Assignments For Students

Teamwork, discipline and fitness and nutrition are just some of the topics covered in these teaching resources suitable for BTEC, NVQ and other vocational public services courses. From PowerPoints to assignments, workbooks to revision guides, there’s plenty to help prepare students for the world of work.


Public service sector

  • BTEC level two assignment brief introducing students to the skills and services of the sector.

Public service employment

  • An introduction to the pros and cons of different public service jobs.

Working in public service

  • Allaboutcareers has shared this fact sheet about different public service and defence jobs.


Conformity, obedience and discipline

  • A bundle of resources from assignments to lessons to help students understand authority and discipline.

Behaviour board game

  • Get pupils setting ground rules while developing team building skills with this active introduction to public services.

Understanding discipline

  • Assessments, tasks and terminology to give students a good grasp of discipline.

Informed discipline

  • Get pupils to explain the importance of discipline to a friend looking to join the uniformed public services.


Team development

  • This PowerPoint introduces the pros and cons of teamwork.

Skills workbook

  • Complete workbook for BTEC uniformed public services covering a range of useful skills.

BTEC assessment

  • Ready-to-use assessment template for unit two of the BTEC national public service course.

Team leadership manual

  • This 23-page teacher-written book is full of activities exploring leadership.

Public service issues

Crime and society

  • An assignment brief and tasks to help students understand the impact crime has on the local and wider society.

Legal processes and procedures

  • Clarify legal matters from government involvement to police bail with this range of teaching resources.

Protecting human rights

  • A PowerPoint and a worksheet exploring how the law protects human rights in the UK.

Conflict, war and terrorism

  • Explain the historical background to conflicts in the world today with this introductory PowerPoint.

Police power

  • Provoke discussion about the rights of police officers with this PowerPoint.

Courtroom quiz

  • Test students’ knowledge of the UK legal system with this fun classroom quiz.

Health, fitness and well-being in public services

Post-traumatic stress

  • Case studies and comprehension questions about mental health issues for uniformed public service staff.

Fire fit

  • This visual fitness test is designed specifically for the fire services.

Keeping strong

  • A concise revision guide on physical strength and fitness.

Nutrition for the services

  • A comprehensive study booklet introducing the importance of a healthy diet.

Royal Navy sports

  • From hockey to badminton, basketball to athletics, these sports guides compiled by UK Athletics (for the Royal Navy) help students get physically fit for a career in the armed forces.


Custodial care

  • Find out more about prison jobs with this helpful careers guide.

Policing career

  • Help the future of the force plan their career steps with this detail guide to salaries, roles and progression.

Fire and rescue

  • Encourage students to pursue a career saving lives with this fire and rescue services career guide.

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BTEC Public Services Unit 3 Assigment 1 - P1,P2,P3,D1
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BTEC Public Services Unit 3 Assigment 1 - P1,P2,P3,D1

This assignment meets all the criteria in unit 3 assignment 1: P1, P2, P3, D1.


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