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RCPCH Membership

To obtain membership with the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health, candidates must pass the four MRCPCH exams: Foundations of Practice (FOP), Theory and Science (TAS), Applied Knowledge in Practice (AKP) and MRCPCH Clinical. These MRCPCH exams are normally taken by candidates during their two to three years of basic specialist training, and are required in order to undergo Core Specialist Training in paediatrics.

MRCPCH Part 1a & Part 1b

From 2013, the MRCPCH Part 1a and Part 1b exams were re-named Foundation of Practice and Theory and Science, respectively. There were no further changes made to the exams besides the name, so the structure and content of the exams remained the same. However, as of January 2015, now all MRCPCH (and DCH) theory exams are computer-based, with no plans to re-introduce any paper-based tests. At Pastest, we’ve ensured that our online subscription for both the FOP and TAS are up to date and bursting with content for revision, so that you can maximise your exam performance.

Foundation of Practice

The FOP exam is designed to test the knowledge of the candidates, in regards to providing clinical care for children. Essentially, the FOP exam is what decides if a candidate has reached the standard required of someone entering their chosen specialist field training. The questions are a combination of best of five and extended matching questions, with multiple true/false questions now no longer being used, and cover a broad range of topics such as Cardiology, Child Development, Metabolism & Metabolic Medicine, and Neonatology, to name but a few.

Theory and Science

The TAS theory exam tests the candidates on the basic principles that clinical practice is based upon, and places an emphasis on the essential and basic scientific, physiological, and pharmacological principles. Previously known as the MRCPCH Part 1b, the Theory and Science exam also focuses on the principles of evidence-based practice, and utilises best of five and extended matching questions, but no longer uses multiple true/false questions. 

Structure & Content

For the Foundation of Practice and Theory and Science papers, the difficulty levels are set to guarantee that all candidates have reached the required standard of someone entering specialist training. Each exam lasts two and a half hours and is also sat by GPs doing the DCH so will include questions that are more general practice-based.


The purpose of the MRCP(UK) Part 1 Examination is to identify those physicians in training who, having satisfied the entry criteria, possess a broad knowledge and understanding of common and important disorders as well as clinical science.


To test the acquisition of a representative sample of medical knowledge as specified in the 2009 Specialty Training Curriculum for General Internal Medicine.

To measure the candidate's ability to apply their medical knowledge in regard to common and important disorders and clinical science, as outlined in the 2009 Specialty Training Curriculum for General Internal Medicine, and make appropriate clinical judgements.

Sample questions

The sample questions provide examples of what you might expect to see on the day of the examination. To do the sample questions enter your email address correctly. A restart code will be emailed to this email address so you can continue the test at a later date - check your inbox for this.  


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