Sample Cover Letter For Nurse Manager Jobs

Dear Mr. Franklin

I am writing to express my interest in the Nurse Manager position available at Memorial Hospital. With a Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing and eight years of experience working in the paediatric department at Mercy I should be one of your first picks. While working as a nurse manager my job has included overseeing patient care while ensuring the policies and procedures of the hospital are followed at all times.

Although I love working in paediatrics I feel I am ready to move into the more specialised paediatric oncology unit that Memorial has. I have a terrific understanding of the special care needs sick children have and the ability to work as a nurse manager specialising in paediatric oncology would allow me to use my skills more effectively. The years I have worked at Mercy’s paediatric unit have helped me build upon natural leadership skills I already possessed. I have a strong belief in helping children get well. I demand that all nursing staff do their absolute best when working with this special population. I have enclosed my resume.

Please call me to schedule an interview as soon as possible. I look forward to meeting you to further discuss my nurse manager qualifications.


Helen Jacobsen

The most affective way of ensuring an interview for a nurse manager job is to create a high-quality cover letter that grasps the readers attention, while also focusing on your previous work and leadership experience. Nurse managers oversee multiple employees at any given time and need to be highly-skilled in leading a group of individuals. A cover letter for this position should give specific examples of how you have used your abilities in the work place. A solid cover letter needs to be well organized, specific, and free of any grammatical errors. By following the tips below, you will be able to enhance your cover letter and increase the chances of obtaining an interview for a nurse manager job.

Focus on your Strengths

A highly qualified candidate for a nurse manager job will have multiple years of nursing experience, specific experience leading other nurses, and proven organizational skills. Most hospitals and clinics look for nurses who have a passion for patient's needs and a desire to mentor others. The first paragraph of your cover letter should explain why you are applying for a position as a nurse manager, and why you believe you are qualified. This will be the first section the employer will read, so make sure it is well written, concise, and displays the passion that you have for the health care industry. Hospital Jobs Online offers additional tips for wording each sentence in your cover letter.

Create a Clear and Concise Body Paragraph

The body paragraph of your cover letter is meant to give you the opportunity to explain your strengths and skills. As an applicant for a nurse manager job, it is necessary to give examples of leadership opportunities you have had throughout your career--perhaps as the chair of a committee or emergency task force. Include a sentence that details your educational background and highlights your ability to create and maintain systems of operation. Nurse managers are typically required to work with various types of people at multiple levels of hierarchy, so it may be beneficial to include a sentence detailing your ability to work in a diverse environment.

Acknowledge Qualification Requirements

More often than not, a cover letter is in response to a specific job posting. Use the job advertisement as your guide to creating your cover letter. If the job description places significant emphasis on the ability to lead a diverse crowd in a stressful environment, that is a sign that you should describe any previous situations where you have shown leadership skills in a similar environment. By using the qualification requirements as your guide, you will show the employer that your experience aligns with what they are looking for in a nurse manager.

Pay Attention to Details

Grammatical errors in a cover letter are unacceptable. Take all necessary steps to avoid making any unwanted mistakes on your cover letter. The hiring manager will be looking for an applicant who is able to focus on minute details, as this will be a required skill for the new nurse manger.


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