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This thread will focus on Kuradal and the tasks she can give.

For a while I have had a slayer thread on my clan forums, to help out our clan members with slaying in Eoc. For that thread I started uploading videos of the tasks to youtube. The videos showed slay exp rate along with which abilities I used and when. Some people that stumbled upon the videos suggested that I posted my slayer rates here along with some additional info, seeing as there arent very many EOC slayer guides out there.

The rates I post here are my own averaged rates which I have reproduced; Sometimes you might get a little more exp/h sometimes a little less, depending on world spawns/locations/ability use and other factors.

For compareability Ive started the rates from when attacking a monster and ending the time when the last monster in the test dies. The videos are 5-10 min clips as I cannot post longer videos. Duration of tests range from 10 minutes for control tests to full tasks for exp rate.

Unfortunately the Code of Conduct does not allow me to post links to the videos or my youtube channel. PM me ingame and I can tell you the channel name and you can find the videos yourself (or you can probably find them yourself if you search on yt).

Disclaimer: This is just my way for eoc slayer for those who are curious.

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Post 2: Full list of tasks ranked by slayer exp/h
Post 3: Setup for Melee + abilities
Post 4: Setup for Mage + abilities
Post 5: Setup for Range + abilities
Post 6: Pots, Usefull items, drops and more
Post 7-10: Slayer tasks explained (A-Dag)

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Post 1-10: Slayer tasks explained (Dar-Ske)

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Post 1-5: Slayer tasks explained (Sp-W)
Post 6: Which tasks should I block?
Post 6: My current blocklist.
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Kuradal is the second highest level Slayer Master, the daughter of Duradel, and the current holder and seller of the Slayer cape. She is found in the Ancient Cavern, which requires barbarian training to access. Players need at least 75 Slayer and 110 combat to obtain a slayer assignment from her. She keeps many of the monsters she assigns in a nearby dungeon. The easiest way to reach her is by using a ferocious ring, which teleports directly to Kuradal and may be obtained as a drop from any of the monsters located in her dungeon. Alternatively, she may be reached through the fairy ring network using the code BJQ. However, this fairy ring must first be repaired using 5 bittercap mushrooms. This area can also be accessed via running South of Barbarian Assault minigame and diving off the pier.


Kuradal was born to Duradel and a yet to be revealed mother. When speaking to her about herself, Kuradal reveals that she has been engaged in combat training since childhood, and trained in Slayer from a young age, under her father. She remained very close to her father, but both are competitive, and she sought to be the best, even to surpass her father. She accepted the position of a Slayer Master, and now she offers Slayer challenges greater than those offered by her father.

In Festival of the Dead, she revealed that she would go out at night to slay tougher and tougher creatures to surpass her father when she was a child. At some point, Kuradal's mother and father separated; she had completed many preparations to bring her father and mother back together, before Duradel's death, and regretted not making these preparations sooner, to bring her parents back together while her father was still alive.

Kuradal also seems to be good friends with Morvran. Morvran reveals that he met her during one of his travels outside Tirannwn, and Kuradal showed him much about the rest of the world. In return, Morvran taught her the many secrets that were closed off. Sometime after the restoration of Prifddinas, Kuradal began supplying Morvran monsters for his dungeon.

Slayer pointsEdit

Successfully completing a Slayer assignment confers an amount of Slayer reward points depending on how many tasks have been successfully completed in a row. After the Smoking Killsquest the amount is doubled. Completion of a task assigned by Kuradal after completing Smoking Kills will grant:

  • 18 Slayer points for a normal task
  • 90 for every 10th task
  • 270 for every 50th task

This means that an average of 28.8 points are earned per task in each 50-task set.


Monster Number of kills Combat level Slayer experience Required Slayer level Weakness Weighting
Aberrant spectres140-250 72, 78 (Pollnivneach slayer dungeon) 109, 123 60 Thrown (Slayer tower)
Arrows (Pollnivneach Slayer Dungeon)
Abyssal demons[1]150-250 98 291 85 Slash12
Acheron Mammoth45-60 135 4215 96 Stab?
Adamant dragons40-50 116 656 1 Air spells8
Airuts[1]125-150 122 800 92 Nothing20
Aquanites[2]120-240 95 109 78 Arrows10
Ascension members100-125 84 (Rorarius), 91 (Gladius), 105 (Capsarius/Scutarius), 304 (Legiones) 147.5/231/409.5/1922 81/95 Ranged10
Automatons[3]65-80 115 655.5 67 Fire spells (Automaton Guardian)
Crush (Automaton Tracer)
Arrows (Automaton Generator)
Aviansies100-200 89, 92, 95, 580/102 (Kree'arra and guards) 179, 2261, 209, 161, 150 1 Bolts (aviansies), Nothing (Kree'arra and guards) 9
Black demons190-250 98 309 1 Bolts10
Black dragons40-90 70 (Baby), 100 (Black), 276 (King), 900 (Queen) 257.6 , 1,104.5, 1780 1 Bolts (baby/regular dragons), Nothing (KBD/QBD) 5
Bloodveld180-250 61, 68, 92 (Godwars dungeon), 91 & 95 (mutated) 38.6, 88.4, 197, 216, 239.6 50 Thrown
Fire spells (Mutated)
Blue dragons[1]120-200 74, 44 (baby) 98.2, 18.8 1 Bolts7
Celestial dragons[4]125-150 127 976.3 1 Arrows16
Chaos giant[5]60-100 126 929 1 Stab8[6]
Corrupted creatures188-223 See Corrupted creature pageSee Corrupted creature pageSee Corrupted creature pageSee Corrupted creature page8[6]
Dagannoth170-240 See Dagannoth articleSee Dagannoth article1 See Dagannoth article10
Dark beasts[1]150-250 105, 112 (revenant) 348.2, 140 90 Bolts, Nothing (revenant) 12
Desert strykewyrms90-160 103 316.8 77 Stab9
Dust devils150-250 85 202.5 65 Crush10
Edimmus[7]199 122 (normal), 125 (powerful) 800, 929 90 Slash10
Elves 120-150 84/89 (Elf warrior), 108 (Seren mage, Seren archer, Seren warrior), 122 (Cadarn magus, Cadarn ranger, Iorwerth guard, Iorwerth scout) 73.6/89.4, 334.2, 334.2, 334.2, 608, 608, 608, 608 1 Fire spells
Fire giants170-250 85 169 1 Slash10
Ganodermiccreatures70-90 112 593 (beast), 692 (runt) 95 Fire spells7
Gargoyles[1]150-250 93 207.4 75 Water spells12
Glacors[8]50-70 112 1888 1 Fire spells8
Greater demons[1]150-258 82, 650/102 (K'ril Tsutsaroth and Tstanon Karlak) 142, 1849.5, 209, 161, 150 1 Bolts (regular), Fire spells (K'ril/Tstanon) 11
Grifolapine65-80 103 293.4 88 Water spells8
Grifolaroo65-80 107 340.5 82 Earth spells8
Grotworms80-160 28 (young), 63 (regular), 98 (mature) 12, 28, 360.5 1


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