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How do I put McGraw-Hill Connect assignments into content in my D2L course?

Making Space in Content

McGraw-Hill Connect cannot put assignments into your D2L course's content area unless you have a module in content for them.

If you have not done so already, create in content a module, or modules, for your Connect assignments.

Pushing Assignments from Connect to D2L Content

  1. Go to your D2L course homepage.
  2. Locate the McGraw-Hill Connect widget.
  3. Within the Connect widget, click the "Go to my Connect section" link.
  4. In Connect, in the Assignments tab, check the box(es) for the assignment(s) you wish to put into D2L content.
  5. Open the option menu. (The icon looks like a blue, open box.)
  6. In the option menu, choose "Deploy / manage".
  7. On the "Deploy and Manage" page:
    1. Under Grade Type choose which grade Connect will automatically sync to grades in your D2L course:
    2. Under Destination choose the D2L content module into which Connect should put the assignment(s).
    3. Click the Deploy button.
  8. Click the Ok button.

Confirming Assignment Deployment

In Your Connect Course

Check the Assignments tab in your Connect course. The Assignments tab will show an orange "B" (Brightspace) icon for each assignment you have successfully deployed.

In Your D2L Course

Check the module in content in your D2L course. The Connect assignments will be listed there.

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