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Real estate management, also referred to as property management is an old tradition. However, academic interest in the discipline has garnered substantial attention in the past few decades. The following is a list of some of the most relevant real estate management dissertation topics to help you get an idea on what to write about for your specific program.

A list of real estate management dissertation topics:

The following is a suggested list of research topics on real estate management to help you think about what to write on:

Real estate management in the corporate world- investigative analysis.

Outsourcing of real estate management- a discussion on current trends and practices.

A review of the guiding frameworks for public real estate development and management.

Relationship between real estate management and fixed assets management- review of literature.

An analysis of the UK real estate industry from its development and management perspective.

Real estate management through technological assistance- trends and practices from the UK.

Talent management in the UK real estate sector- a primary study. (Check more talent management titles)

Real estate management and ethics- a primary study in the UK.

An investigative analysis of the role of incentives in real estate management- implications from the UK real estate sector.

Real estate booms and declines in emerging economies- an analysis of trends and reasons.

Academic real estate programs in the UK- how well do they equip graduates for the real estate world?

Real estate management in politically unstable economies- a review.

Eco-friendly sustainable practices in real estate management- review of literature.

Banking incentives and real estate management- exploration of relationship trends and practices.

A framework model for managing corporate real estate in the UK service sector.

How do real estate management undertaking outsourcing functions develop and maintain trust? Scholarly evidence.

What are the agency risks involved in outsourcing different corporate real estate management functions? A study.

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