Sins Of A Solar Empire Factions Comparison Essay

Advanced Tips and Advice needed

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Hey, I'm having trouble with the cruel difficulty or at least I think it's cruel (first pink/purple or three left clicks). The difficulty above hard is too easy though. I'm fairly certain the computer cheats but still, I'd like to beat it. My first two games I was overwhelmed around 50 mins. Short of reducing fleet sizes in the setup I can't see a way to keep up with the computer.

This is usually how I start my games:

Build Capital Ship Factory
Queue three extractors
Buy 100 crystal
Upgrade planet to Tier 4 Economy
Build 1-3 scouts depending on map size and faction
Build military or civilian tech depending on faction

For TEC I build Capital Ship III and rush long range missiles (2 military).
For Advent I don't really have a must-have capital ship... still haven't streamlined my build order here.
For Vasari I build Capital Ship II which can take out most planets neutrals on it's own with the crazy amount of fighters it produces.

Vasari is my favorite faction I think though I always random.

My tactics usually revolve around widespread early colonization and economy building. I don't usually get the increased fleet until 60-90 minutes into the game (due to that 7% slowing down my economy too much). Due to the fact that I have increased amounts of money I can recover losses quickly. I turtle and bottleneck once I have expanded sufficiently and concentrate on teching up. This tactic has worked for me in the past and made for interesting games. However the new setting I have it on (cruel) is too much... I don't know if I have to change tactics but even if I have more colonies than my enemy he still manages to out-produce me and I'm overwhelmed eventually though I can hold him off a planet for around 15 minutes. His forces just keep coming until my capital ships and repair stations can't keep up. He also has culture spreading my way well before I've even researched it even though I feel like I'm rushing my tech.

My usual defenses look like: 1 repair, max hangers, rest platforms.

Not sure if this is the most efficient way... it just seemed like the most solid defense for the slots but it is expensive.

I also only strictly build bombers. I find taking out capital ships first to be the single most important objective in a fight. Unless they have building destroyers and I'm defending. Don't think I've ever chosen strikecraft as I find them a little underwhelming.
First of all most people play on quick start, so virtually any strategic advice you find will be assuming that's the case. Second how fast are you actually colonizing? With just the starting 100 fleet supply I find it hard to believe that you can take planets fast enough, after your first three planets you should probably get the first supply and perhaps capitalship upgrade.

"1 repair, max hangers, rest platforms."

Unless you're Vasari this is a terrible defense setup against everything except fighter/bomber swarms (they're both referred to as strikecraft by the way). Especially as TEC but as well as Advent most of your defenses should be overlapping repair platforms (I have at least 4 on chokepoints). Even as Vasari you will want at least 2 so that they can repair each other.

turtle and bottleneck

You need to do this to some extent against cruel/vicious (yes they do cheat a lot), but it should not be your default strategy. Early on almost all of your resources should go to early expansion. Once you can no longer take neutral planets, then you can go more towards military/defense/economy if you wish.

To beat cruel and vicious you need to exploit how terrible the AI is against heavily fortified planets. A maxed out Starbase with several repair platforms can handle mid sized fleets by itself, and once the AI makes those super large fleets keep your own fleet behind the starbase and annihilate it. Build up your own forces until you've done enough damage in the war of attrition to take the next planet. Build another maxed out starbase, rinse and repeat.

"Capital Ship III "

No one really calls the ships these, either use their name (Sova, Akkan, Radiance, Kortul) or their role (Vasari Battleship, TEC dreadnought, Advent battlecruiser etc.), because I haven't memorized which ships are in which slots. For all of the factions but especially TEC the colonizer capitalship is a good choice. If you're close to the AI's home world you can easily beat them with a Sova with the embargo ability. Carrier capitalships in general are the other main starting capitalship choice.

Also, you should look/post in this forum for more advice/replies.

"How ridiculous and how strange to be surprised at anything which happens in life!"

When you say to make a mad dash for as many planets as possible, how large a map are you talking? Because I've been playing mostly on Balance of Power (against Hard AI's) where at best I can grab two of the center desert worlds before the other AI gets enough defenses up at the third.

Well for a start most general strategies assume you're playing on all fastest settings, with quick start and on random maps (which tend to be bigger than the premade ones), so by all means if playing on other settings you might have to adjust some things.

That map is rather linear so you're not doing bad at all getting two deserts. If you really want to get better and that map you could probably create a force of a few scouts and a colony frigate, have the scouts destroy the siege frigates, retreat the scouts, send the colony frigate, colonize the ice planet, then build a turret to destroy the remaining militia. This technique allows you to colonize lightly defending planets at the same time your capitalship and main force are taking the deserts, and is an essential tool of the "rapid expansion" used in competitive games.

Also IMHO this is a rather bad map, as the player who gets the magnetic cloud next to his homeworld is at a disadvantage as the gas giant and magnetic storm could have neutral extractors.

"How ridiculous and how strange to be surprised at anything which happens in life!"

I'm a bit late, but some considerations for fighting Cruel AI:
*the danger period is the early game, when you have a severe resource handicap compared to the AI, which can be offset by faster income settings or by rushing any natural chokepoints on the map
*as mentioned, the AI loves to suicide against starbases, which can make a base at a chokepoint worth 3-10 times the resources compared to spending them on ships

Hangers are generally the worst type of defense when it comes to the cost. You're better off spending those resources on more ships and instead supporting them with multiple repair stations. Hangars rely on anti-matter to replenish lost forces, and will deplete to uselessness in a fight of any appreciable duration. If you remember to manage it manually though, the Vasari hangar is handy for the phasic trapping ability.

As for the factions:
*TEC have a good early game boost with the trifecta of a Sova Carrier capital ship supported by the Javelis LRM long range frigates and Hoshiko Robotics repair cruisers, which give great utility and combat ability given the relatively cheap cost
*Advent are a bit weaker in the early game since both their ship type unlocks and economic abilities are higher up on their trees, which naturally nudges you toward choosing the Progenitor Mothership capital to minimize any delays in build up
*Vasari have expensive ships that slow down their build-up and makes losing ships very painful; but you can cover your early game by building a Skirantra Carrier capital ship and utilizing its ability to field fighters and bombers simultaneously along with some light repair ability(don't expect mileage anywhere near that of the TEC Hoshis though), along with their focus on phase missiles

When it comes to picking fighters versus bombers as your strikecraft, bombers are generally the smarter first choice. The problem with fighters is that they are too tissue-thin on defense. You can still use them given the right circumstances though. For example, the Sova Carrier's level 6 special, Rapid Manufacturing, lets it flip from 6 bomber squads to 6 fighter squads instantly, as well as instantly replenish any fighters that get shot down. This lets you break up battles into a defensive phase where you can fight enemy bombers attacking you, then swap out for bombers to take the offensive. Or the Skirantra Carrier can utilize fighters as its default strikecraft and then utilize its Scramble Bombers ability to put out 6-12 bomber squads in combat.

Cruel can be managed with some flexibility, and is necessary to some extent if you don't want to casually steamroll the AI. Vicious on the other hand, the absolute maximum difficulty, cheats in obscene ways: quintuple income rates alongside build-time cheats which ensures that you're fighting a doomsday scenario by the 15 minute mark(which generally means don't bother with this difficulty setting unless you're using 'fastest' for all of your settings and want to stay with static boring strategies to overcome those cheats).

"I'd rather betray the world than let the world betray me." -Cao Cao

Alright, I've managed to beat 7 Cruel AI in a free for all by pitting them against each other and holding each planet I take. Next up 1v1 which I think will be much more difficult. Looking forward to the expansion this summer!

Interregnum has made it to the top 100 mods for Mod of the Year! Thank you for your support! Get updated on the latest in the contest and as a celebration for making it this far, enjoy an overview of the new Rebel Alliance faction.

Hello Interregnum players!

First of all, thank you for your support in the first round of the Mod of the Year contest! We have made the top 100, and are now eligible for awards in the best upcoming mod category. Please vote for us here to help us advance in the second and final round!

And just as a reminder, you have a very good reason to vote. You've already earned your detailed faction guide for the new Rebel Alliance faction thanks to Interregnum making it in the top 100, and if Interregnum does well in the second round a hero unit of your choice and the Super Star Destroyer Eclipse could be added in the next update. However, as I forgot about the upcoming mod category when I made that initial promise, the criteria for those rewards is a little different than what I first described.

For the community's choice hero unit (to be decided by a poll in the forums), Interregnum must be one of the mods in the player's choice best upcoming mods or the editor's choice.

For the Eclipse to be added, Interregnum must win the best upcoming mod of the year.

Now with that out of the way, on to your first reward, the Rebel Alliance faction guide!

Faction Overview

The Alliance to Restore the Republic is a coalition of resistance movements opposed to the Galactic Empire brought into a single organization. While the group's stated goal was technically achieved when the New Republic was formed after the Imperial withdrawal from the Outer Rim, the Alliance continued to operate as it did before while the New Republic constructed a new conventional military to see to its own defense. In essence, the Alliance became the special operations force of the New Republic with the sole goal of defeating the Empire and liberating the rest of the galaxy.

Militarily, the Rebel Alliance uses two, somewhat contradictory categories of units that none the less manage to work well together late game. On one side are smaller, fast and hard hitting units like the CR90 Corellian Corvette, DP20 Corellian Gunship, X-4 Gunship and the MC30 Frigate which prefer to raid and ambush enemy forces and retreat before facing serious opposition. They can receive substantial support from the Corellian Scout, which can spy on potential targets from a distance and lay Navigation Buoys to create temporary hyperspace lanes, and the Nebulon-B Frigate, whose medical facilities can help these units recover quickly from strikes and can interfere with enemy targeting systems to prevent these ships from being attacked.

On the other side are the Alliance's larger, heavy warships that prefer to outlast their enemies and support each other in combat. These include the Assault Frigate line of warships, MC40 Light Cruisers, Bulk Cruisers, and the many varieties of the Mon Calamari's signature MC80 Star Cruisers. Backing up either tactic is perhaps the Rebel's greatest strength, their elite Starfighter squadrons, capable of striking at enemy forces while their carriers stay ready to leave at the first sign of trouble or to persistently pound away at enemy warships that attempt to attack the Rebel fleet.

Outside of combat, the Rebels have a variety of somewhat sneaky techniques at their disposal. While the Interregnum has given the Alliance its first secure bases, it has kept its decentralized and mobile command structure, giving them perks such as the ability to change their homeworld for free and the ability to survive without planets so long as they control a capitalship, titan or starbase (however, unlike the Vasari loyalists the Rebels have no means of production without planets; they must keep a colony ship alive and rebuild elsewhere rather than fight completely mobile). They also have the unique ability to construct basic buildings, like research labs and hangar defenses, in most uncolonizeable gravity wells, allowing them to have bases of operation in deep space unusable by other factions. Their history of contact with smugglers and tax evasion under the Empire also gives them a competitive trade focused economy late game.

However, for all its progress in recent years, the Alliance is still run as a guerrilla movement, and this makes it much less competent than most factions in the mundane business of governing worlds. This means it collects substantially less income from tax revenues from the planets it controls, which is particularly damaging early game where most of the player's income is from taxes on their home world. The Rebels somewhat compensate for this with the fact that several of their early game units are cheaper than other factions, but they are also more fragile, which means they will tend to take heavier loses in major battles until they develop a diverse fleet capable of increasing these units' defenses.

Key Unit List

Titan - Admiral Ackbar (Home One)

The greatest naval officer in the Alliance Fleet, Admiral Gail Ackbar received an all to personal lesson in leadership, tactics and Imperial cruelty as the slave of Grand Moff Tarkin. After escaping from his master and helping his homeworld in the surprising overthrow of Imperial rule early in the Galactic Civil War, Ackbar helped oversee the conversion of Mon Calamari star cruisers into warships capable of fighting with Imperial Star Destroyers on even terms. Commanding the largest of these warships, Home One, Ackbar is a potent force in battle, thanks to his effective strategies and his ships' massive Starfighter compliment. Often assisting Ackbar is none other than Lando Calrissian, who has been known to lead Rebel fighter attacks in the Millennium Falcon on occasion when Han Solo is too busy directing campaigns on the Mon Remonda.

Hero Unit - Commodore Han Solo (MC80BMon Remonda)
Once a simple smuggler hailing from Corellia, Han Solo became an unlikely hero in the war against the Empire when he played a vital role in destroying the first Death Star. After being rescued from Jabba the Hutt on Tatooine, Solo has continued to serve the Alliance and has even become a decent commander in his own right; eventually earning the special rank of Commodore and given his own flagship, the powerful MC80B Cruiser Mon Remonda. With his odd combination of recklessness and street smart based cunning, Solo is an effective leader of any Alliance fleet. Also attached to the Mon Remonda is fellow Corellian Wedge Antilles and his famed Rogue Squadron, whose presence on the battlefield is a huge boost to Rebel Starfighters.

Hero Unit - Captain Kraest Kre'fay (Bothan Assault CruiserRalroost)
Heir to the politically important Bothan Kre'fay family, Traest Kre'fay career path was forever altered when he was forced to evacuate his Grandfather's dying flagship during an ill fated New Republic offensive against Rodia. Rather than joining the military for glories that could be used for political advantage, as was common among upper class Bothans, Traest vowed to become a career soldier to avenge his Grandfather's death and restore the honor his family lost with his incompetence. With is family out of favor at home, Traest is one of the few Bothan commanders to regularly volunteer for service with Rebel Alliance, and after praise from his superiors was finally granted command of a Bothan Ship, the Assault Cruiser Ralroost.

Hero Unit - General Garm Bel Iblis (Dreadnaught Heavy CruiserPeregrine)
One of Corellia's last and greatest Senators during the final days of the Republic, Garm Bel Iblis led his own faction against the Empire after a feud with Mon Mothma early in the Galactic Civil War. After Mothma was elected to office in the New Republic, Iblis was eventually talked back into joining the Alliance after substantial pushing from Han Solo. While offered command of larger ships, Iblis insisted on keeping his original flagship, the Dreadnaught Cruiser Peregrine, while his unique expertise in both politics and guerrilla warfare can be a powerful asset to any Alliance force.

Capitalship (Colony) - MC80 Command Cruiser
See article.
*Colonize - Builds a Rebel Base on the planet, bring it under your control and boosting max population and population growth for a time.
*Heart of the Fleet - Raises Defense of allies (Passive).
*Cluster Shot - Damages groups of enemy fighters near target.
*Fortification - Increase health of friendly planet and raise defender's armor.

Capitalship (Battleship) - MC80 Liberty type Star Cruiser
See article
*Overlapping Shields - Increases allies' shield regeneration (Passive).
*Ion Barrage - Deals heavy shield damage and removes antimatter.
*Diversion - Forces enemy ships to attack the Liberty Star Cruiser while giving itself a small shield restore.
*Endurance - Large shield restore increase to target ally's maximum shields

Capitalship (Carrier) - MC80 Star Cruiser
One of the first Mon Calamari warship conversions, the MC80 Star Cruiser does not have the same endurance or firepower as later models, but its substantial Star Fighter still makes her an asset on the battlefield.
*Retaliation - When nearby allied carriers are attacked, they have a chance to instantly respawn their fighters and give them a damage buff.
*Credibility - Slightly increases the maximum health of nearby allies (Passive).
*Spawn Gunships - Spawns increase numbers of X4 Gunships.
*Home Base - Heals a large number of damage fighters in the gravity well.

Capitalship (Support) - MC80A Star Cruiser
An unusually specialized Mon Calamari cruiser with an unorthodox thruster arrangement, it is faster than other capitalships and excels at leading quick Strikes into Imperial space.
*Hit and Run: Slightly increases rate of fire, speed and hyperdrive charge rates of allies.
*Motivate: Slight overtime shield and antimatter restoration to a group of allies.
*Deploy A-wings: Launches additional A-wing interceptor fighters.
*Dangerous Territory: Boosts the damage and hyperspace gravity tolerance (ships can jump closer to the planet) of all allies while orbiting an enemy planet. (Passive)

Capitalship (Support) - MC80B Star Cruiser
The pinnacle of Mon Calamari warship conversions, the MC80B is equally good at frontal assaults on the enemy and supporting its fleet.
*Coordinate Strikes - Increases damage of all strikecraft whose carriers are near the MC80B.
*Frontal Assault - Large Frontal Damage reduction for the MC80B and gives its weapons a chance to hit enemy's rate of fire.
*Final Stand - Boosts allies offense and defense when they are below 25% of health.
*Tractor Arrays - Locks several enemy frigates in place with Tractor Beams, keeping them from moving and decreasing their defense. If ships in the Tractor Array are damaged enough, they may surrender and allow themselves to be captured.

Capitalship (Siege) - Dauntless class Heavy Cruiser
One of the largest warships produced in Rebel controlled Sullust by the SoroSuub Corporation, the Dauntless Heavy Cruisers boasts a large variety of weapons and some of the best sensor and counter measure systems in the Rebel Fleet.
*Scan - Debuffs an enemy ship with a slight chance for weapons to bypass its shields or an enemy planet, making it more vulnerable to bombing damage. Scanned targets suffer more from the Dauntless' other abilities.
*Crippling Strike - Power shot that deals damage to an enemy and debuffs shield regeneration and weapons if the target was scanned.
*Ion Burst - Fires ion cannons at enemy ground installations, disabling planetary weapons and making the planet more susceptible to damage. Debuff lasts longer if the planet is scanned.
*Countermeasures - If the target enemy uses an ability while countermeasures is in effect, all nearby ships get a substantial damage reduction. More effective if the target is scanned.

Capitalship (Battle/Support) - ???
Alright I lied, the Rebels have one perhaps unexpected ship that I'm going to leave as a surprise for you guys. :p Hint: It's not a Mon Calamari Cruiser.

Frigate/Cruiser List

Expect more detailed highlights on the Rebels' unique game play mechanics in the coming weeks!


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