04.02 Should The Government Control The Economy Essay

04.02 Should the Government Control the  Economy? A huge debate on whether or not minimum wage should be raised, on one side  raising the minimum wage seems like a phenomenal idea, but is it really a good  idea? Yeah I know that means you would bring more money home, or buy your  child new clothes, or even their favorite toys which it’s not a bad thing to be  honest.  Is this really a solution to our economical problems?  I firmly believe that  we should not raise minimum wage.  Raising minimum wage is a terrible idea in  my opinion if minimum wage increases higher and higher, that means more people will become unemployed, which means half of these people will end up on public  assistance costing a lot more on taxpayers.  It would reduce the incentive for low-wage workers to get a higher education and move up to a higher-paying job. It 

Should the Government Control the Economy?Should the government raise the minimum wage?Although we are not currently in the recession the citizens of the United States are quick to point out the flaws of our economy and blame them on the government. We as citizens tell the government that they need to regulate more (if you’re a democrat) or that they need to regulate less (if you’re a republican) in orderto improve our economy and to prevent us from entering another recession. However this regulation is not necessary to stimulate the economy. Therefore, the government of the United States should not raise the minimum wage because it raises unemployment, stunts economic growth, and should be determined by the individual state. The main argument for raising the minimum wage is that those who work fulltime at the current minimum wage make a yearly salary that falls bellow the povertyline. The argument is that the minimum wage should be raised to a living wage, meaning that the minimum wage is equal to the cost of living. However, this logic is


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