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w24369 Angus Deaton
What do Self-Reports of Wellbeing Say about Life-Cycle Theory and Policy?
w24347 Rebecca Mary Myerson
Darius Lakdawalla
Lisandro D. Colantonio
Monika Safford
David Meltzer
Effects of Expanding Health Screening on Treatment - What Should We Expect? What Can We Learn?
w24316 Thomas C. Buchmueller
Léontine Goldzahl
The Effect of Organized Breast Cancer Screening on Mammography Use: Evidence from France
w24338 Leila Agha
Keith Marzilli Ericson
Kimberley H. Geissler
James B. Rebitzer
Team Formation and Performance: Evidence from Healthcare Referral Networks
w24340 David Slusky
Richard J. Zeckhauser
Sunlight and Protection Against Influenza
w24341 Ofer Malamud
Andreea Mitrut
Cristian Pop-Eleches
The Effect of Education on Mortality and Health: Evidence from a Schooling Expansion in Romania
w24304 Michael Darden
Ian McCarthy
Eric Barrette
Hospital Pricing and Public Payments
w24277 Dhaval M. Dave
Daniel Dench
Michael Grossman
Donald S. Kenkel
Henry Saffer
Does E-Cigarette Advertising Encourage Adult Smokers to Quit?
w24278 Gharad T. Bryan
James J. Choi
Dean Karlan
Randomizing Religion: The Impact of Protestant Evangelism on Economic Outcomes
w24212 Henry Saffer
Daniel Dench
Dhaval Dave
Michael Grossman
E-cigarettes and Adult Smoking
w24225 Titus J. Galama
Adriana Lleras-Muney
Hans van Kippersluis
The Effect of Education on Health and Mortality: A Review of Experimental and Quasi-Experimental Evidence.
w24229 Damon Jones
David Molitor
Julian Reif
What Do Workplace Wellness Programs Do? Evidence from the Illinois Workplace Wellness Study
w24231 Melvin Stephens
Desmond J. Toohey
The Impact of Health on Labor Market Outcomes: Experimental Evidence from MRFIT
w24206 Michael Kremer
Christopher M. Snyder
Preventives Versus Treatments Redux: Tighter Bounds on Distortions in Innovation Incentives with an Application to the Global Demand for HIV Pharmaceuticals
w24188 Christopher J. Ruhm
Deaths of Despair or Drug Problems?
w24156 Francesco Decarolis
Andrea Guglielmo
Calvin Luscombe
Open Enrollment Periods and Plan Choices
w24113 Ramina Sotoudeh
Dalton Conley
Kathleen Mullan Harris
The Influence of Peer Genotypes and Behavior on Smoking Outcomes: Evidence from Add Health
w24117 Pierre Nguimkeu
Augustine Denteh
Rusty Tchernis
On the Estimation of Treatment Effects with Endogenous Misreporting
w24131 Hope Corman
Dhaval M. Dave
Nancy E. Reichman
Evolution of the Infant Health Production Function
w24133 Martin B. Hackmann
Incentivizing Better Quality of Care: The Role of Medicaid and Competition in the Nursing Home Industry
w24094 Hunt Allcott
Rebecca Diamond
Jean-Pierre Dubé
The Geography of Poverty and Nutrition: Food Deserts and Food Choices Across the United States
w24095 Mark V. Pauly
Cost Sharing in Insurance Coverage for Precision Medicine
w24100 Cathy J. Bradley
David Neumark
Lauryn Saxe Walker
The Effect of Primary Care Visits on Health Care Utilization: Findings from a Randomized Controlled Trial
w24065 Xi Chen
Lipeng Hu
Jody L. Sindelar
Leaving Money on the Table? Suboptimal Enrollment in the New Social Pension Program in China
w24087 David G. Blanchflower
Andrew Oswald
Unhappiness and Pain in Modern America: A Review Essay, and Further Evidence, on Carol Graham's Happiness for All?
w24048 Steffen Meyer
Michaela Pagel
Fresh Air Eases Work - The Effect of Air Quality on Individual Investor Activity
w24020 Ernst R. Berndt
Mark R. Trusheim
The Information Pharms Race and Competitive Dynamics of Precision Medicine: Insights from Game Theory
w24021 Philippe Gorry
Diego Useche
Orphan Drug Designations as Valuable Intangible Assets for IPO Investors in Pharma-Biotech Companies.
w24037 Casey B. Mulligan
The Employer Penalty, Voluntary Compliance, and the Size Distribution of Firms: Evidence from a Survey of Small Businesses
w24038 Sungchul Park
Anirban Basu
Norma Coe
Fahad Khalil
Service-level Selection: Strategic Risk Selection in Medicare Advantage in Response to Risk Adjustment
w24042 Itzik Fadlon
Torben Heien Nielsen
Family Health Behaviors
w24003 Alberto Abadie
Susan Athey
Guido W. Imbens
Jeffrey Wooldridge
When Should You Adjust Standard Errors for Clustering?
w23990 Andrew Samwick
Means-Testing Federal Health Entitlement Benefits
w23995 Kerry Anne McGeary
Dhaval M. Dave
Brandy J. Lipton
Timothy Roeper
Impact of Comprehensive Smoking Bans on the Health of Infants and Children
w24002 Kenneth Brevoort
Daniel Grodzicki
Martin B. Hackmann
Medicaid and Financial Health
w23971 Martha J. Bailey
Olga Malkova
Zoë M. McLaren
Does Parents' Access to Family Planning Increase Children's Opportunities? Evidence from the War on Poverty and the Early Years of Title X
w23983 Anna Chorniy
Janet Currie
Lyudmyla Sonchak
Exploding Asthma and ADHD Caseloads: The Role of Medicaid Managed Care
w23954 Jonathan Chapman
Mark Dean
Pietro Ortoleva
Erik Snowberg
Colin Camerer
Willingness to Pay and Willingness to Accept are Probably Less Correlated Than You Think
w23923 Jessamyn Schaller
Lisa Schulkind
Teny Maghakian Shapiro
The Effects of Perceived Disease Risk and Access Costs on Infant Immunization
w23926 Caitlin Carroll
Michael Chernew
A. Mark Fendrick
Joe Thompson
Sherri Rose
Effects of Episode-Based Payment on Health Care Spending and Utilization: Evidence from Perinatal Care in Arkansas
w23900 Kristopher J. Hult
Measuring the Potential Health Impact of Personalized Medicine: Evidence from MS Treatments
w23901 Jaegeum Lim
Jonathan Meer
How Do Peers Influence BMI? Evidence from Randomly Assigned Classrooms in South Korea
w23911 Tomás Rau
Miguel Sarzosa
Sergio S. Urzúa
The Children of the Missed Pill
w23915 Charles F. Manski
Improving Clinical Guidelines and Decisions under Uncertainty
w23865 John Buckell
Joachim Marti
Jody L. Sindelar
Should Flavors be Banned in E-cigarettes? Evidence on Adult Smokers and Recent Quitters from a Discrete Choice Experiment
w23867 Abhijit Banerjee
Sylvain Chassang
Sergio Montero
Erik Snowberg
A Theory of Experimenters
w23871 Laurence C. Baker
M. Kate Bundorf
Daniel P. Kessler
Does Multispecialty Practice Enhance Physician Market Power?
w23882 Solomon Hsiang
Paulina Oliva
Reed Walker
The Distribution of Environmental Damages
w23840 Anirban Basu
Norma Coe
Cole G. Chapman
Comparing 2SLS vs 2SRI for Binary Outcomes and Binary Exposures
w23842 Caroline S. Bennette
Anirban Basu
Scott D. Ramsey
Zachary Helms
Peter B. Bach
Returns to Pharmaceutical Innovation in the Market for Oral Chemotherapy in Response to Insurance Coverage Expansion
w23846 Rudy Douven
Ron van der Heijden
Thomas McGuire
Frederik T. Schut
Premium Levels and Demand Response in Health Insurance: Relative Thinking and Zero-Price Effects
w23862 Johanna Catherine Maclean
Keshar M. Ghimire
Lauren Hersch Nicholas
The Effect of State Medical Marijuana Laws on Social Security Disability Insurance and Workers' Compensation Claiming
w23807 Nava Ashraf
Edward Glaeser
Abraham Holland
Bryce Millett Steinberg
Water, Health and Wealth
w23810 Chloe N. East
Sarah Miller
Marianne Page
Laura R. Wherry
Multi-generational Impacts of Childhood Access to the Safety Net: Early Life Exposure to Medicaid and the Next Generation's Health
w23820 Li-Shiun Chen
Ping Wang
Yao Yao
Smoking, Health Capital, and Longevity: Evaluation of Personalized Cessation Treatments in a Lifecycle Model with Heterogeneous Agents
w23821 Dustin R. White
Benjamin W. Cowan
Jadrian Wooten
March Madness: NCAA Tournament Participation and College Alcohol Use
w23826 Isaiah Andrews
Emily Oster
Weighting for External Validity
w23831 Richard T. Thakor
Andrew W. Lo
Optimal Financing for R&D-Intensive Firms
w23779 Angela K. Dills
Sietse Goffard
Jeffrey Miron
The Effects of Marijuana Liberalizations: Evidence from Monitoring the Future
w23803 Zhuang Hao
Benjamin W. Cowan
The Effects of Graduation Requirements on Risky Health Behaviors of High School Students
w23749 Felipe A. Dunsch
David K. Evans
Ezinne Eze-Ajoku
Mario Macis
Management, Supervision, and Health Care: A Field Experiment
w23758 Jeffrey Clemens
Benedic Ippolito
Uncompensated Care and the Collapse of Hospital Payment Regulation: An Illustration of the Tinbergen Rule
w23760 Johanna Catherine Maclean
Benjamin L. Cook
Nicholas Carson
Michael F. Pesko
Public Insurance and Psychotropic Prescription Medications for Mental Illness
w23762 Benjamin Hansen
Keaton Miller
Caroline Weber
Drug Trafficking Under Partial Prohibition: Evidence from Recreational Marijuana
w23763 Jeffrey C. Schiman
Robert Kaestner
Anthony T. Lo Sasso
Early Childhood Health Shocks and Adult Wellbeing: Evidence from Wartime Britain
w23682 Adam I. Biener
John Cawley
Chad Meyerhoefer
The Medical Care Costs of Youth Obesity: An Instrumental Variables Approach
w23700 Pinka Chatterji
Xiangshi Liu
Baris K. Yoruk
Health Insurance and the Boomerang Generation: Did the 2010 ACA Dependent Care Provision affect Geographic Mobility and Living Arrangements among Young Adults?
w23709 Naci H. Mocan
Han Yu
Can Superstition Create a Self-Fulfilling Prophecy? School Outcomes of Dragon Children of China
w23710 Donald S. Kenkel
Sida Peng
Michael F. Pesko
Hua Wang
Mostly Harmless Regulation? Electronic Cigarettes, Public Policy and Consumer Welfare
w23714 Sara Markowitz
Kelli A. Komro
Melvin D. Livingston
Otto Lenhart
Alexander C. Wagenaar
Effects of State-Level Earned Income Tax Credit Laws in the U.S. on Maternal Health Behaviors and Infant Health Outcomes
w23718 Amy Finkelstein
Neale Mahoney
Matthew J. Notowidigdo
What Does (Formal) Health Insurance Do, and For Whom?
w23719 John Cawley
Euna Han
Jiyoon (June) Kim
Edward C. Norton
Testing for Peer Effects Using Genetic Data
w23721 Richard Akresh
Sonia Bhalotra
Marinella Leone
Una O. Osili
First and Second Generation Impacts of the Biafran War
w23722 Charles Courtemanche
Andrew Friedson
Andrew P. Koller
Daniel I. Rees
The Affordable Care Act and Ambulance Response Times
w23649 Thorhildur Ólafsdóttir
Tinna Laufey Ásgeirsdóttir
Edward C. Norton
Valuing Pain using the Subjective Well-being Method
w23645 Molly Schnell
Janet Currie
Addressing the Opioid Epidemic: Is There a Role for Physician Education?
w23662 Neha Bairoliya
Pinar Karaca-Mandic
Jeffrey S. McCullough
Amil Petrin
Consumer Learning and the Entry of Generic Pharmaceuticals
w23642 Ernst R. Berndt
Rena M. Conti
Stephen J. Murphy
The Generic Drug User Fee Amendments: An Economic Perspective
w23625 Victor Stango
Joanne Yoong
Jonathan Zinman
Quicksand or Bedrock for Behavioral Economics? Assessing Foundational Empirical Questions
w23633 Lorenzo Almada
Ian McCarthy
It's a Cruel Summer: Household Responses to Reductions in Government Nutrition Assistance
w23632 Benjamin Hansen
Keaton Miller
Caroline Weber
The Taxation of Recreational Marijuana: Evidence from Washington State
w23634 Stefanie Fischer
Heather Royer
Corey White
The Impacts of Reduced Access to Abortion and Family Planning Services on Abortion, Births, and Contraceptive Purchases
w23640 Ernst R. Berndt
Rena M. Conti
Stephen J. Murphy
The Landscape of US Generic Prescription Drug Markets, 2004-2016
w23601 David E. Bloom
Simiao Chen
Michael Kuhn
Mark E. McGovern
Les Oxley
Klaus Prettner
The Economic Burden of Chronic Diseases: Estimates and Projections for China, Japan, and South Korea
w23603 John Mullahy
Individual Results May Vary: Elementary Analytics of Inequality-Probability Bounds, with Applications to Health-Outcome Treatment Effects
w23610 James J. Heckman
Margaret L. Holland
Kevin K. Makino
Rodrigo Pinto
Maria Rosales-Rueda
An Analysis of the Memphis Nurse-Family Partnership Program
w23611 David Neumark
Bogdan Savych
The Effects of Provider Choice Policies on Workers' Compensation Costs
w23622 Diane Alexander
Janet Currie
Is It Who You Are or Where You Live? Residential Segregation and Racial Gaps in Childhood Asthma
w23597 Jean Abraham
Coleman Drake
Daniel W. Sacks
Kosali I. Simon
Demand for Health Insurance Marketplace Plans Was Highly Elastic in 2014-2015
w23567 Mariana Carrera
Heather Royer
Mark Stehr
Justin Sydnor
Can Financial Incentives Help People Trying to Establish New Habits? Experimental Evidence with New Gym Members
w23573 Ozkan Eren
Naci Mocan
Juvenile Punishment, High School Graduation and Adult Crime: Evidence from Idiosyncratic Judge Harshness
w23585 Diane Alexander
Janet Currie
Molly Schnell
Check Up Before You Check Out: Retail Clinics and Emergency Room Use
w23566 Jason Abaluck
Abi Adams
What Do Consumers Consider Before They Choose? Identification from Asymmetric Demand Responses
w23537 Dhaval M. Dave
Anca M. Grecu
Henry Saffer
Mandatory Access Prescription Drug Monitoring Programs and Prescription Drug Abuse
w23542 Marigee Bacolod
Jesse M. Cunha
Yu-Chu Shen
The Impact of Alcohol on Mental Health, Physical Fitness, and Job Performance
w23514 Michael Baker
Janet Currie
Hannes Schwandt
Mortality Inequality in Canada and the U.S.: Divergent or Convergent Trends?
w23517 Inas Rashad Kelly
The Shock of Falling Among Older Americans
w23518 Timothy Layton
Alice K. Ndikumana
Mark Shepard
Health Plan Payment in Medicaid Managed Care: A Hybrid Model of Regulated Competition
w23524 Alan I. Barreca
Matthew Neidell
Nicholas J. Sanders
Long-Run Pollution Exposure and Adult Mortality: Evidence from the Acid Rain Program
w23492 Bahadir Dursun
Resul Cesur
Inas Rashad Kelly
The Value of Mandating Maternal Education in a Developing Country
w23507 Vellore Arthi
Brian Beach
W. Walker Hanlon
Estimating the Recession-Mortality Relationship when Migration Matters
w23465 Martha J. Bailey
Jason M. Lindo
Access and Use of Contraception and Its Effects on Women's Outcomes in the U.S.
w23468 Juan Pablo Atal
Hanming Fang
Martin Karlsson
Nicolas R. Ziebarth
Exit, Voice or Loyalty? An Investigation into Mandated Portability of Front-Loaded Private Health Plans
w23471 Bradley Heim
Ithai Lurie
Kosali Simon
Did the Affordable Care Act Young Adult Provision Affect Labor Market Outcomes? Analysis Using Tax Data
w23446 Michael D. Frakes
Matthew B. Frank
Seth A. Seabury
The Effect of Malpractice Law on Physician Supply: Evidence from Negligence-Standard Reforms
w23450 Johanna Catherine Maclean
Michael F. Pesko
Steven C. Hill
The Effect of Insurance Expansions on Smoking Cessation Medication Prescriptions: Evidence from ACA Medicaid Expansions
w23413 Toshiaki Iizuka
Katsuhiko Nishiyama
Brian Chen
Karen Eggleston
Is Preventive Care Worth the Cost? Evidence from Mandatory Checkups in Japan
w23426 Zhuang Hao
Benjamin Cowan
The Cross-Border Spillover Effects of Recreational Marijuana Legalization
w23402 R. Tamara Konetzka
Karen B. Lasater
Edward C. Norton
Rachel M. Werner
Are Recessions Good for Staffing in Nursing Homes?
w23403 Adrienne M. Lucas
Nicholas L. Wilson
Can at Scale Drug Provision Improve the Health of the Targeted in Sub-Saharan Africa?
w23376 Charles Courtemanche
Rusty Tchernis
Xilin Zhou
Parental Work Hours and Childhood Obesity: Evidence using Instrumental Variables Related to Sibling School Eligibility
w23389 Juan Carlos Conesa
Daniela Costa
Parisa Kamali
Timothy J. Kehoe
Vegard M. Nygard
Gajendran Raveendranathan
Akshar Saxena
Macroeconomic Effects of Medicare
w23388 Ioana Popovici
Johanna Catherine Maclean
Michael T. French
Health Insurance and Traffic Fatalities: The Effects of Substance Use Disorder Parity Laws
w23392 Anna Aizer
Janet Currie
Lead and Juvenile Delinquency: New Evidence from Linked Birth, School and Juvenile Detention Records
w23344 Adam Jørring
Andrew W. Lo
Tomas J. Philipson
Manita Singh
Richard T. Thakor
Sharing R&D Risk in Healthcare via FDA Hedges
w23353 Steve Cicala
Ethan M.J. Lieber
Victoria Marone
Cost of Service Regulation in U.S. Health Care: Minimum Medical Loss Ratios
w23366 Scott Cunningham
Jason M. Lindo
Caitlin Myers
Andrea Schlosser
How Far Is Too Far? New Evidence on Abortion Clinic Closures, Access, and Abortions
w23371 Fatih Guvenen
Greg Kaplan
Jae Song
Justin Weidner
Lifetime Incomes in the United States over Six Decades
w23372 David S. Jacks
Krishna Pendakur
Hitoshi Shigeoka
Infant Mortality and the Repeal of Federal Prohibition
w23334 John Cawley
Damien de Walque
Daniel Grossman
The Effect of Stress on Later-Life Health: Evidence from the Vietnam Draft
w23342 Johanna Catherine Maclean
Brendan Saloner
The Effect of Public Insurance Expansions on Substance Use Disorder Treatment: Evidence from the Affordable Care Act
w23313 Dhaval Dave
Bo Feng
Michael F. Pesko
The Effects of E-Cigarette Minimum Legal Sale Age Laws on Youth Substance Use
w23290 Allison B. Rosen
Kaushik Ghosh
Emily S. Pape
Marcelo Coca Perraillon
Irina Bondarenko
Kassandra L. Messer
Trivellore Raghunathan
Susan T. Stewart
David M. Cutler
Strengthening National Data to Better Measure What We Are Buying in Health Care: Reconciling National Health Expenditures with Detailed Survey Data
w23297 Kai Hong
Kacie Dragan
Sherry Glied
Seeing and Hearing: The Impacts of New York City's Universal Prekindergarten Program on the Health of Low-Income Children
w23269 Charles Courtemanche
James Marton
Benjamin Ukert
Aaron Yelowitz
Daniela Zapata
Early Effects of the Affordable Care Act on Health Care Access, Risky Health Behaviors, and Self-Assessed Health
w23239 Sonia R. Bhalotra
Alberto Diaz-Cayeros
Grant Miller
Alfonso Miranda
Atheendar S. Venkataramani
Urban Water Disinfection and Mortality Decline in Developing Countries
w23211 Itzhak Ben-David
Marieke Bos
Impulsive Consumption and Financial Wellbeing: Evidence from an Increase in the Availability of Alcohol
w23214 Julio J. Elias
Nicola Lacetera
Mario Macis
Paola Salardi
Economic Development and the Regulation of Morally Contentious Activities
w23218 Michael L. Anderson
Justin Gallagher
Elizabeth Ramirez Ritchie
School Lunch Quality and Academic Performance
w23188 Mariana Carrera
Heather Royer
Mark F. Stehr
Justin R. Sydnor
The Structure of Health Incentives: Evidence from a Field Experiment
w23192 Alex Hollingsworth
Christopher J. Ruhm
Kosali Simon
Macroeconomic Conditions and Opioid Abuse
w23203 Yaa Akosa Antwi
Johanna Catherine Maclean
State Health Insurance Mandates and Labor Market Outcomes: New Evidence on Old Questions
w23171 Daniel I. Rees
Joseph J. Sabia
Laura M. Argys
Joshua Latshaw
Dhaval Dave
With a Little Help from My Friends: The Effects of Naloxone Access and Good Samaritan Laws on Opioid-Related Deaths
w23174 Benjamin U. Friedrich
Martin B. Hackmann
The Returns to Nursing: Evidence from a Parental Leave Program
w23139 David Slusky
Donna Ginther
Did Medicaid Expansion Reduce Medical Divorce?
w23144 Joshua D. Angrist
Jörn-Steffen Pischke
Undergraduate Econometrics Instruction: Through Our Classes, Darkly
w23148 Thomas C. Buchmueller
Colleen Carey
The Effect of Prescription Drug Monitoring Programs on Opioid Utilization in Medicare
w23150 Didem Bernard
Thomas Selden
Yuriy Pylypchuk
The Distribution of Public Spending for Health Care in the United States on the Eve of Health Reform
w23166 Joseph J. Doyle
John A. Graves
Jonathan Gruber
Evaluating Measures of Hospital Quality
w23117 Abe Dunn
Eli B. Liebman
Adam Shapiro
Decomposing Medical-Care Expenditure Growth
w23131 Cory Capps
Dennis W. Carlton
Guy David
Antitrust Treatment of Nonprofits: Should Hospitals Receive Special Care?
w23092 Bradley Heim
Ithai Lurie
Kosali I. Simon
The Impact of the Affordable Care Act Young Adult Provision on Childbearing, Marriage, and Tax Filing Behavior: Evidence from Tax Data
w23094 Johanna Catherine Maclean
Ioana Popovici
Elisheva Rachel Stern
Health Insurance Expansions and Provider Behavior: Evidence from Substance Use Disorder Providers
w23107 Christopher S. Carpenter
Emily C. Lawler
Direct and Spillover Effects of Middle School Vaccination Requirements
w23069 Maya Rossin-Slater
Maternity and Family Leave Policy
w23078 Leila Agha
Brigham Frandsen
James B. Rebitzer
Causes and Consequences of Fragmented Care Delivery: Theory, Evidence, and Public Policy
w23085 Benjamin B. Lockwood
Dmitry Taubinsky
Regressive Sin Taxes
w23044 Ausmita Ghosh
Kosali Simon
Benjamin D. Sommers
The Effect of State Medicaid Expansions on Prescription Drug Use: Evidence from the Affordable Care Act
w23054 Hope Corman
Dhaval Dave
Ariel Kalil
Nancy E. Reichman
Effects of Maternal Work Incentives on Youth Crime
w23031 Abby Alpert
David Powell
Rosalie Liccardo Pacula
Supply-Side Drug Policy in the Presence of Substitutes: Evidence from the Introduction of Abuse-Deterrent Opioids

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A List of Health Economics Research Paper Topics

Healthcare research paper topics are a popular concern among those students who need to compose an interesting and outstanding project that explores something nobody has yet explored. Healthcare and health economics are so popular as research subjects that it’s quite difficult to find a topic that has not yet been studied through and through.

Several Healthcare Research Paper Topic Ideas

  1. Healthcare services: the notion, details, and specifics (on the example of a specific country or around the world).
  2. The efficiency of the modern healthcare system and possible steps towards the improvement of medical services.
  3. Prevention of childhood and teenage obesity as a national goal.
  4. New forms of medications and systems of medication delivery.
  5. Specific features of healthcare in the regions where human health is exposed to harsh natural conditions.
  6. The essence and goals of hygiene. The importance of hygiene and hygienic education of all population groups.
  7. AIDS, hepatitis and other dangerous diseases as a threat to the nation.
  8. Ways to cope with a range of professional diseases. Improvements to the healthcare system that would help to deal with them effectively.
  9. Effective means that can help prevent or delay the manifestation of sclerosis, Alzheimer, and other dangerous diseases of an elder age.
  10. The role of healthcare workers in the prevention or spreading of epidemic diseases.

Where to Search for Good Research Paper Topic Ideas

You can turn to custom writing professionals and receive a number of unique and quite fresh ideas. However, this service will most likely be paid and if you are not ready to pay, you should look for free suggestions elsewhere. Online and offline libraries are a great source of useful ideas, especially if you explore healthcare works of other students from previous years. You can easily find out which healthcare research paper topics are the most popular, overly used and should better be avoided. At the same time, studying source literature and contemporary health economics publications, you can catch a couple of very interesting and novel ideas. The only thing you need to check out if you are starting to explore a new area is whether you have enough source information to support your research.

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