Most Hilarious Homework

We get it, homework is hard. But we have to give these kids credit. Instead of throwing in the towel or following the worksheet norm -- also known as "the directions" -- they got creative. They did it their way, and boy, are we glad they did.

No Word Left Behind

Ain't Nobody Got Time For Remainders

The 'Bran'iac

Partial Credit?

The Van Gogh

Bieber Fever

And While We're On The Subject...


Mom says Liam was mystified as to why his answer was wrong.

The Bachelor

PETA Approved

Say My Name

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We Swear She Didn't Hear That At Home

Does Chuck Norris Have A Child?

Captain Obvious

The Force Is Strong With This One

Brotherly Love

Confucius Jr.

Deep Thoughts


The Pessimist

And last, but certainly not least ...

The Advocate

Remember when you were a kid and your teacher assigned you homework for the weekend? Obviously you were not happy about it, but you just had to get the job done before Monday.

The following kids approached their homework in a totally different way: some of them used their irreverent sense of humor, and even their teacher had a good laugh, some took things way too literally, and some others simply answered the tedious questions in the simplest way possible (literally!).

Anyway, the following 22 homework answers from kids have one thing in common: they are absolutely hilarious!

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1. Which is the best estimate for the length of a football?

2. Use your fingers, or copy from your friend

3. Draw your favorite part of the mass

4. After all, the math is right


6. We can’t blame him…

7. At least he’s a honest kid



10. How easy

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